Thursday, September 10, 2009


I got the idea for this post last night while listening to an old Trey Songz song "Can't Help But Wait" is how I feel.

I am the type of person that I do listen to the words of songs and try to connect them with my life. Usually when I heard this song it reminded me of someone in particular because he claimed it reminded me of our the time I didnt appreciate that reference as much as I do now. Its crystal clear to me now...

See sometimes relationships can be extremely difficult and complicated. Too much baggage, can't let go of somethings, hard to get rid of people, emotions run high so sometimes you feel like you are stuck or obligated to these "FEELINGS' well at least with me. There was a point in my life I was fighting to get rid of someone but I just couldn't emotionally. I felt like there was a string or something that kept pulling me backwards but I was trying to move FORWARD, but was petrified to break the string.The person was BAD for me and the GOOD person was right in front of my eyes. I was so lost it was ridiculous.

And sometimes people see that your lost and they can choose to leave you alone or wait for you to get it together and be there waiting. I never understood why at the time the person who seen me going through this madness thought I was anything "worth waiting for" because at the time I didn't think I was. But he seen sometimes in me that I didn't, and now I do understand now, I am worth waiting for! Some people are worth waiting for, if you believe in them. Sometimes our spirits know more than we do, and if you short-change the process you will never see what is yet to come. There is a reason why things happen and we will all find out soon, thats why we WAIT.

Being young, relationship can be so frustrating and complicated because again THERE ARE NO CLASSES ON RELATIONSHIPS and I am pretty sure there are not too many great examples on how to handle them properly.So patience has to come in. You have to trust the process of what you want will come in full circle if you do the right things. Yeah everything is not going to go your way, you will be DISAPPOINTED, but relationships are always a work in progress...always(even in marriage). So back to the song...Cant help but who am I waiting for?

It may not be anybody in particular or it might be time for me just to WAIT on LIFE to lead me to the person I am meant to be with. I am waiting for the opportunity for a good man to see me for who I am. That I am perfectly imperfect, that I have flaws, but internally have the most loving and giving spirit and willing to share myself unconditionally. That I am not a little girl, but a growing, maturing young lady who has been heartbroken in the past but willing to open up, be honest, and be loyal & committing to an honorable guy.

I can't help but wait until the day that old grudges, past failed relationships, petty nonsense, and even hurtful events can be left in the past and not effect the future anymore. No more carry burdens and just finally being free and honest & ready to be open to me and TRUST ME & accept me FLAWS & ALL.

I have been fighting patience all my life and for the first time in my life I am welcoming THE WAIT. Because in the end it will be worth it. In the end not only I will get what I want, but whoever took the chance to believe in me will also reap the benefits because it will be a UNITY. Both parties would have grown & seen that life isn't as complicated as us humans make it...just have to be patient and do things with PURE INTENTIONS.

You cant expect things to be perfect, you can't always get your way, you can't do bad things and expect good things to just have to be patience & speak GOOD THINGS into existence. It may take time but if you know what you want and willing to wait for it, it will come & thats when true happiness will kick in. Dont rush a GREAT thing. Play your position in life accordingly...and the wait will be worth your while.

Learn: Good things come to those who WAIT. Wait for long-term great results...instead of receiving & accepting short-term instant gratification that diminishes quickly.

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