Saturday, September 5, 2009


Ever just been so happy that you glow from the inside out? Not that fake happiness when you just smile and put up a front for people, but GENUINE HAPPINESS?

That chick in the picture just looks like she is happy from the inside out and I want that again! I just wrote a post about being NUMB but forget that I want to be HUMBLE. Of course I am fully aware that I am not going to be happy everyday of my life, but I can be humble. To know that I can walk around and know that my life isn't perfect, but I am happy anyways.

Its called being grateful! I sometimes have a problem with that. I am so focused on what I dont have or what I lack sometimes that I forget to look around me and see what I should be grateful for. I sometimes look at other people 'situations and instantly think well my issues are not that bad compared to theirs.

I know everything isn't going my way, but you still have to find the happiness in life through the storm of bad weather. No matter what or your life will be DEPRESSING, and I do not like being depressed or sad for too long anyways. I want to be that girl who walks in a room and you can feel my positive energy.

My positive energy will be so strong that nothing negative can bring me down. I want to be able to rub off my good energy on other people. I have always been like that. I always wanted to bring out the happiness from others and just enjoy life with people. I know some people can try to rub off their negative energy, and its stagnant, but I for the most part do not like to bring others down or release negativity around other.

So my mission from now on is to be HUMBLE, HAPPY, & HONEST. Thats the only way to be at least for me. Once I do this and do this internally, I believe things will turn around full circle and GREAT THINGS will happen naturally & effortlessly.

Learn: To be honest with yourself and about your happiness. Happiness always starts from within and works itself outward, because if you fake it you wont make it. Be humble with your pride & push it to the side.


  1. True. This is what I'm working on as well. You know what, you should start Youtube blogging as well!

  2. If my camera was working I would girl. As soon as I fix it I promise I will continue again, but thanks for showing your interest in me video blogging :)