Saturday, September 26, 2009


I hate rain, the rain sucks, but we have to deal with it right? Even though it rains and we may not like it there is a reason for it and without it things wont grow right?

When it is raining outside people's mood changes. They do not want to go out, they get lazy, or they might be in a crappy mood-all because of the weather. Who says you have to be in a crappy mood because its raining?

Rain is much like our lives. The emotions and despair and sad times in our life rain represents. If you are unemployed, having relationship issues, having family issues, having life issues, that is rain. Every complication in our life is rain, because it can't always be sunny in our lives or we wont GROW.

Now it may not be pretty outside, but your attitude on it doesnt have to make your life miserable. It might even surprise you to do the opposite, to actually learn to smile in the rain because you know sunshine is coming soon. You know it doesnt rain forever!

Why sulk because its raining? Why sulk because your life is not "perfect" right now? Why be upset because you need some rain in your life to get an understanding and to grow. It rains outside because things need to grow and we need water to survive. We might not like it but the negative things in our lives happen because we need to grow and find ways to survive our adversity!

I hate the rain, the rain can mess up situations and throw a curveball in your life that was unexpectant, but crying while its raining is not going to make it better is it? When you watch movies or TV show when it rains it is usually a situation where something bad or dramatic is happening, but dont turn on the DRAMATICS in your life just because the weather sucks.

Its hard and its raining outside doesn't make the situation better, but believe sunshine is coming. The weather will be beautiful again and you will be even more happier because you was able to withstand the storm and now your able to enjoy the sun being out again.

Learn: Dont let the weather mess up your mood or life. Sometimes the rain is good so that you can wash away things that are unable to handle the storms, and when it all over beautiful things grow from it.

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