Friday, May 7, 2010


What is a serial monagamist? It is a person who loves being in relationship, and if it ends with another persons- they jump to the next person immediately. You know how serial killers kill off people, serial monogamist kill off relationships!

They love the idea of a relationship, but hate the concept of just being single. They are always constantly dating or in a relationship. They never have a break, always on the prowl for a new relationship, rebound, companion, etc... This person has more issues than any single or person in a relationship. This is a major issue and will explain why.

We are all on a quest to have love & affection. We were born to do so. So naturally most people of this world would like to be in a relationship & find one person who they can be compatible with. We are also born into a world where we are single indivisuals and many of us hate being alone. Whether we be around friends & family or a love, people love to interact with others, so hey why be alone? When dating it can be fun, you find someone you like & even fall in love. What happens if it doesnt work out. Well people sometimes RUSH to fill the void of the last- because they CANNOT STAND LONILNESS!

Serial Monogamist love relationships. Not just regular relationships, dating short-term & breaking up quickly. They aspire long-term relationships, and usually have great relationships that last more than 6 months. The problem with serial monogamist is that they love long-term relationships, but they constantly always looking for someone else to have another with. They are never satisfied and always sees flaws in the person they are with. They are truly the personaification of seeking how green the grass is on the other side. That is always on their minds.

If they break up with someone, they always have a back-up or go find someone new instantly. Its never a break. Its New Date Partner-Relationship-Breakup- New Date Partner Cycle. Its like they need a validation of who they are in another person. They honestly do not know what the word "single" means. They need that affection from someone, and they never give things time to cool down from their last relationship. The solution to moving on is to Find Someone New Now! Once they find someone who they are attracted to and have some things in common it might be an immediate relationship or things are now serious with them.

Serial Monagamist also are low-key cheaters. If they are in a relationship they have some people they have on back-up just in case its time to break up. If they do break-up from a relationship, even if they are dating someone without a relationship, they still have several potential candidates they are also dating...just in case that person doesnt work out. Its a collection of back-up people and thats what makes them serial. Its an on-going pre-medidated process that they make sure not having someone isnt an option. Most of them expect the person to mess up & thats is then the #OnToTheNextOne cycle continues. The goal is to always have someone lined up on the bench to play the field! How is this person ever going to have a real long-term stable relationship with this mentality?

Here is the deal. I think everyone needs to experience being "single" on a real level. To not always "look" for the next person to date as a victim of a quest of a new relationship but just be. We need to learn to be by ourselves, get ourselves together, and even take time to get over the last person without always rushing to date so quickly. Constantly dating with no break is how future relationships can be destroyed. You have to adjust to another personality, you have to get to know them, and make sure you are compatible for the LONG RUN. Sometimes people just date for looks & sexual chemistry and if you do not find out who they really are you will end up with Attraction Dissatisifaction.

Its good to be by yourself sometimes. Yes it may seem horrible, especially if you have friends in relationships and you feel left out sometimes but its a maturing thing. Middle Schoolers & High Schoolers are usually the ones who can skip & move on to the next relationship within a week or a month. They do not know any better. Adults should not be on a quest looking for their next "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" but be on a quest looking for themselves. If you cannot be alone, why would someone want to be with you if YOU cant enjoy yout own company? What point are you proving that you can easily date after a breakup? There are millions of people in the world, so yes you can date but what about being with someone who truly loves you & that you are compatible & comfortable with? There are too many people, especially serial monogamist, who date for the sake of a selfish reason to not be alone.

What about being with someone who you dont have to compare to your ex? What about somone who makes you forget about all your pain in your last relationships? What about someone who wants to see you grow as a person? What about someone who compromises with you? What about someone who genuinely cares about you? What about someone who you can trust? What about someone who you know will always have your back? What about someone who has a forgiving heart? What about someone who has goals in life and are currently working on them? What about someone who has their own life but wants you to be apart of theirs?

The list can go on and on. The point being made is those questions cannot be explored to their fullest potential unless you dated that person for 6 months or more! You cannot possible know a person within a short time span. Serial Monogamist rarely get to know the person they are dating, but rather jump into a relationship & get to know them later so when it gets serious thats when they realize maybe the grass is greener on the other side again. Give people plenty of time to get to know them, and most importantly get to know yourself! Many problems do not lie in the person you are dating, but YOU! If you are always the person who has to break up with someone or little things constantly bothers you, it may be YOU that is the main issue. To which is why many of us need to be single, so that we can define ourselves clearly, work on our flaws, and then learn to have healthier relationships.

Its never healthy to jump from relationship to relationship. Sometimes the healthiest realtionship you can have is peace of mind with yourself. If you get yourself together properly, then you wont have to seek out the perfect companion, things will happen NATURALLY. STOP RUSHING RELATIONSHIPS & KILLING THEM. If you just cant be alone, spend more happy times with friends & family- dating isnt the only option to cure lonliness.

Learn: Happiness begans when you stop wanting. The issues is that when you seek happiness in someone else instead of being happy with yourself. You will stop wanting when your happy alone for awhile so that you can find someone who is equal happy alone and that is the perfect match! That is the secret to happy relationships!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Too many of us are seeking validation in other people. This society makes us question our own morals & value and even what we like. Its safe to say that were are easily molded and also easily manipulated because of this as well. Are you easily manipulated?

If you feel the need to always questions your feelings, you always having an internal battle between what you believe is right & what the world think you should do...there is an larger issue. See we go to school and we are taught the basics of life, but we are rarely taught to listen to ourselves. We always need to run to someone for advice, to ask them if what we feel is the right thing to do, and look at our surrounding to see what everyone else is doing and try to follow suit.

The reason why many of us are confused in life is because we are scared of our own thoughts. We are afraid to listen to our own selves because of the PERCEPTION of others. Someone out there always has an opinion of us, and for some reason that is important. We take their opinions into consideration moreso than our own beliefs. It is even worst when we are listening to the people closest to us, because that is who has our best interest at heart (or so it seems).

What we fail to realize is that even the people closest to us cannot validate who we are. Yes they might not want to steer you in the wrong direction but they might. We are easily manipulated by the ones closest to us because they are the ones steady giving us TOXIC ADVICE. Its because we as a people need that extra approval of others, the acceptance & the unity we feel the need to cancel out our own beliefs for theirs. Thats a sad view sometimes, you can still be apart of your unity & be accept and follow your own belief system.

If your friends want to go somewhere do you feel obligated to go just because that what most of them want to do? Do your parents tell you what you should and shouldn't do because they believe they know whats best for you? If there is a new trend and everyone is doing it, do you feel the need to try it out for acceptance? Is there something bothering you that you really want to do but everyone around you is saying things that contradict your feelings?

All of these questions are the reasons people get off track. It is the battle between you and other people's opinion. Deep down you want to do something, but you dont want others to keep telling you the opposite. You do things sometimes even when you dont wanna do it because you dont want to be left out. You listen to others and seek advice about your issues because you need that VALIDATION that what you feel is in alignment with others. It doesnt have to.

We are all programmed with our very own road map that leads us all to our own seperate designation. Our own GPS system that tells us where to go in life. It doesnt match up with other people, its is only programmed to your roadmap and no two people have the same route. So when we feel lost & confused why do we feel the need to ask others for direction to our destination? If you continue to listen to other people you are gonna make wrong turns,detours & dead ends because they have NO IDEA where you are going! They are probably lost themselves and have the nerve to tell you where you need to go. Those people need to worry about their own GPS system and stop giving you the WRONG DIRECTIONS. Your GPS system works...listen to it. Stop turning it off and asking people on the side of the road the direction you need to be headed...thats exactly how you get LOST!

Some people continue to turn their internal GPS system off and listen to so many people that it takes them months & years to figure out they went in the wrong direction and it might be too late to turn around. When you listen to other people and realize that you are complete off the road, you get that confused and hurt feeling of REGRET. That maybe you should of payed attention to your own roadmap instead of asking everyone else where you should go. You have that what if feeling lingering inside yourself wondering what could of happened if you just followed your own Intuition.

Your GPS system is on point. It sometimes malfuntions with your mind, but if you can get your thoughts & your heart/gut together and really listen to yourself, thats when your life will be on the right path. Now there are people in your life who can guide you better, but only if it is validated by your own thoughts. We all get that feeling inside of what is right & whats wrong. If someone says something to you that is in agreement in what you really feel-then keep going. Dont change your mind for someone else, they are not going where you are going!

Do not keep listening to everyone for the answers because in the long run, you will have to live with the REGRET not them. Nobody can feel what you feel, you are wired with your own internal guidance system so they cant tell you what is always right. What is right for you may not be right for them, its your feelings but most importantly YOUR LIFE. Stop conforming for others. Deep down you know where you need to be, so make a U-Turn or the RIGHT turn to get back to your life route.

LEARN: We are all authors of our own stories, so why are we letting other people write our autobiographies? Others people's opinion has nothing to do with your heart. Your heart is your compass, so follow it!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Are you an unloveable person? Is there an IceBox where your heart used to be? When someone loves you do you give them the “cold-shoulder”? Many people are just HARD people to love. No matter what a person does, they cannot receive love that is given to them.

I think our society has screwed our world’s definition of Love. Love is sometimes used as a bad word or only used correctly in certain movies, which can seem fake and “only-in-the-movies” is that gonna happen in our daily lives. Its hard because more and more everyday people feel like the do not know what real love is and what it feels like anymore.

People sometimes can compare love to their first relationship or their first heartbreak. When you first experience what loves feels like from someone other than a family member or friend its so liberating & its almost like the happiest you ever been. You smile more, you are more trusting, you are excited and life seems like it really worth living because you now know what love is and you have it! But this is when love is destroyed, when that energy of love has you in such a high state of happiness & its taken away from you due to a breakup then there is a heartbreak! Sometimes people hearts get broken so badly, they believe its never gonna be the same again and that maybe they do not want to experience love again in FEAR of losing it. So there are people who self-sabotage themselves and make things hard for others to love them.

People get into relationships expecting the worst, or when things get too good they will point out the bad just to justify how things aren’t going to work. People’s expectations are real low when it comes to love so when someone does love them it becomes rejection. So to protect themselves they reject and look for flaws & point out the negative? Or simply they just start thinking “I DON’T TRUST this person to love me properly” because they are premeditating to be disappointed in be loved.

Someone could show them all the love in the world they every wanted or prove to them that someone loves you to the same or higher magnitude than people in the past has, but its still a rejection there. They hold onto past hurt so if a person is giving them too much love or affection it gets cancelled out because they do not want to believe in it. They want something bad to happen so they can point out how love always disappoints them.

It’s a sad way of thinking. We were born to love & experience it. When we first fall in love its like we are born again looking at the world in a different light because it’s the best experience & feeling to ever have. When its taken from us, sometimes we are fearful to experience again so that we do not get teased and lose that feeling again. So instead of accepting & being open to love again, the rejection process takes over so that one doesn’t get their hopes up. Its that pride in some people that getting their hopes up is a bad thing. Read that again “Getting your hopes up”. Why wouldn’t someone what to have their hopes up…so you rather have your hopes down?!

This society molds us into believing we should have lower expectations and have our hopes down. Love is something we should never have lower expectations about and expect our hopes to be down in! We should embrace it and be happy to have it in our lives. If someone is showing us love and affection we should be so appreciative because some people take years to find someone that cares about them at all. We take people for granted; especially the ones that love us the most, because have a reverse way of thinking. We believe the people who do not care about us have our best interest and the ones who love us will hurt & disappoint us.

Open you eyes. Please stop rejecting love if it’s in your life. You were born to love and to experience it. Do not let some bad past experiences disturb your present & future. If you are receiving it look at it as a gift because there are so many people in the world who are no as fortunate to have people who care & love them. If someone loves you love back & be open to receive more love than that. Love is limitless so stop giving it boundaries!

Learn: Learn to love & accept love. Love is beautiful do not believe in the lies that love leads to heartbreak & disappointment. If you accept love in your life and be honest with what you feel then you can open your heart to what is real. You should run to love not run away from it. Give love another chance or you will miss out!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So you have been introduced to Miss BackPocket Chick and know what goes through her mind, but lets not forget about the man in this equation. Mr.BackPocket Chick needs his own introduction and a little of his background to be clarified.

Who is Mr.BackPocket Chick? Well if you don't know Miss BackPocket Chick you might need to read this first to fully get to know this man. In my previous post I used the analogy that Mr.BackPocket Chick is the Frog that hasn't quite turned into Prince Charming yet.

Now since I am a female, I cannot go into the mind of Mr.BackPocket Chick like I did for Miss BackPocket Chick here. What I can do is explain some theories as of why he acts the way he does. The number #1 this Mr.BackPocket Chick is lacking is direction. That is his ultimate downfall. See men are logical creatures, suppose to be, but they do the most illogical things. Maybe he is thinking too much about his situation that causes him to be confused? I couldnt tell you honestly.

See what happens with Mr.BackPocket Chick is that he craves a relationship, he probably would one day love to be in a full committed one, but there is a mental block. It could be a past(or several) relationship that failed him, he doesn't feel his life is in order to properly have a good relationship, or it could be he is just simply still "playing the field". Miss BackPocket Chick can be doing everything right, but again the "what if" factors starts to play and he is most likely pondering how green the grass is over on the other side of the fence.

Another theory that could be making Mr.BackPocket Chick nervous is the fear of committment. That is right. He is just terrified of a real relationship. I honestly believe when men go from dating to actual becoming boyfriend & girlfriend he fears its marriage right around the corner. He sees the phobia of the wedding bells, and kids comes next, and that he might be forced to make a decision to be with this one girl for the rest of his life. So instead of making the relationship solid, he plays because he wants to make sure whoever he gives the title to that it might be "The One" he can call his wife one day. And Miss BackPocket Chick makes him nervous that she is good girl and all but is she The One?

That part is understandable to an extend. He rather be a Frog now, than turn into Prince Charming and Miss BackPocket Chick is the wrong girl he transformed for. But the extents ends here. Mr.BackPocket Chick is also, sadly to say, a selfish person. He wants everything to be perfect, the girl of his dreams to come out of a fairytale, she is flawless, she agrees with everything he says, likes everything he likes, she never nags , and when she wakes up in the morning her hair is in place with no crust in her eyes or morning breath. Yes that his Mr.BackPocket Chick fantasy girl, and sorry to say unless she is Sleeping Beauty that chick doesnt exist.

I say he is selfish because as much a Miss BackPocket Chick puts out for him, he doesn't do the same for her. She is expected to change her ways, while she must adapt to his ways. He has a complex view on life and how it should be for him, and Miss BackPocket Chick is probably asking for too much which aggrevates him sometimes. But let me make this clear...Mr.BackPocket Chick is not the VILLIAN. He is just misunderstood.

Mr.BackPocket Chick is not a bad guy at all. Mr. BackPocket Chick is a very lovable guy at times, otherwise why would Miss BackPocket Chick want a complete jerk? There is gotta be something she adores about him. I am going to tell you want it is. Miss BackPocket Chick adores everything that Mr.BackPocket Chick doesn't even realize. No matter how many times he mad her mad, she understands the good side of him. She sees the strong potential in a future with him, even if he doesn't see that potential in himself yet. Mr. BackPocket Chick might be going through a transistional period in his life right now that cause him to be a bit selfish and maybe not appreciate the good Miss BackPocket Chick puts out, because he is probably still trying to finding himself!
A message to Mr.BackPocket Chick:
Look I know you are confused about life. Its not very clear to you and you are unable to map out your life plan at the moment. You are a man but a man without a masterplan. You do things day by day and not realize your actions are affecting other people especially Miss BackPocket Chick. For everything you think you are going through she is supporting you whether you realize that or not. Whether you feel she is not the one or that you have other options, she has stuck by you and believes & see the potential in you. Its not nice to string her along.

Dont treat her like you wallet that is in your backpocket; you take it in and out of your pocket at your lesiure. She is a human being with strong emotions for you. She is not your sideline, your mistress, your play toy, she is the woman of your affection. You spend time with her, you must enjoy her otherwise she wouldn't be around in the first place. But here is the thing, if you are not ready for a commitment then do not do the things with her as if you are going in that direction. She believes the things you say and hope that one day you are going to coming around.She only wants the best for you and even if you cannot see yourself with her, appreciate what she has done for you. If you do see yourself with her, then do the right things and show her that she is not just a backpocket girl. She should be YOUR GIRL. You can't just have your cake and eat it too. She has her cake and shares it only with you.

You need time. Being the logical complex male creature that you are you need to think about it. What do you want in a woman? Are you looking for stability or are you still searching for more fish in the sea? Do you see yourself with Miss BackPocket Chick but want the freedom of other things until your ready? Know this, you will always get whatever you want when you seek it with a pure heart. Miss BackPocket Chick did everything with a pure heart for you and she deserves better than how you treat her. Everything happens for a reason, and its up to you to make your life solid in all areas in your life.
Your a Frog now, but the Prince Charming is in you. Whenever you are ready to evolve into the man you are suppose to be, you will have so much clarity in your life and everything you feared will all disappear. That is what being a man is about, knowing what you want & facing your fears. So whenever you leave your muddy swamp in search for a Princess, will you know where to look? Will she be easy to find? Will you go searching for a Princess that only appreciates you a Prince Charming and not as the Frog as your are now? Or will it be Miss BackPocket Chick aka Miss Paitently Waiting for you to see what has been in front of you all along? You need to ask yourself these questions. Don't wait too long...time isn't always on your side. Your a good guy, do good things, and do things with a good & pure heart.

LEARN (for both Mr. & Miss BackPocket Chick): Listen to your heart; even though it is on the left side, it is always right. Pay attention and what is meant to be will always find its way.

Song To Mr.BackPocket Chick From Miss BackPocket Chick:
I Am-Mary J.Blige

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


****I just want to thank everyone who has been touched by my previous post of "The BackPocket Chick****

I am freely able to write and express myself very strongly on this subject because I have to admit I "was" a backpocket chick for the longest time. So I am doing the follow-up on the introduction of the BackPocket Chick and go into the mind of one. Most of what I am about to write next is coming from my own personal thought experiences & hope that this comes off relatable to others females who were also "BackPocket chicks".

So if you are not familiar yet on who is the BackPocket Chick please get aware of her here in which you might be surprised that you know this girl very well. She is the good girl who pretty much go hard for a guy who does not reciprocate the same passion she does for him. She is Miss Patiently Waiting for her Frog to turn into Prince Charming. She is not the alternative, she is the main objective of the guy's desire but she gets put into the mix of his confusion of his lifestyle and she wonders when will her man get his act together?

Miss BackPocket Chick is a lady that is usually the good girl. She goes out her way for her man, does things for him(and only him), she adores the ground this mans walks on, she is faithful to him, she is consistent with him, she does everything the perfect girlfriend would do but yet she is still not fully appreciated. She constently wonders what is it that she is doing wrong that is not making this guy take her 100% seriously.

Is she not pretty enough? Is she not doing enough? Has she upset him? Most importantly, is there another girl that has her man's attention? Hopefully that is not the case, because if that might be the case she does everything in her power to make sure her guy does not stray. She make sure that she doesnt pick petty arguements, she becomes tolerant of things she probably wasn't tolerant of before, she does things that makes him happy...and yet she is still coming up short? What is going on? Miss BackPocket Chick is completely devestated because she sees her Prince Charming right there ready to evolve into the man that he is suppose to be but still croaking like a Frog. Ribbit! Ribbit!

She is thinking "I am not the side-line chick. I am THE chick!". She spends alot of time & energy with her man, she is pretty happy with the fact that she has most of his attention & gets the quality time but there is still something missing. Her man seems to continuely do things to almost push her away. She either has to make a decision to not put up with his stupid foolishness or wait for him to come around. She puts up with his stupid foolishness. She always has to hear the same old speech from him "Im not ready" "I need my space right now" "Let me get myself together" "I dont know what I want right now". She heard it all too many times, and yet Miss BackPocket Chick is still waiting. Why is she waiting?What is wrong with her?

What is wrong with Miss BackPocket Chick is simply that she is in love with that man. She is head over heels, cloud 9 bliss, stop-the-traffic she found "The One" type of of love. She is ultimately doing everything in her power not to loose the love of her life. She is terrified one little wrong mistake can ruin everything she worked so hard to gain. She feels like her every move is reviewed under a microscope to him. She feels she cannot risk to show one little flaw or error because he will leave her. She is literally walking on eggshells to keep him around. Why would she want that type of love in the first place? Why would she always want to be with a man to always live in a world of paranoia just to keep him?

Love makes the BackPocket Chick to crazy things but most importantly she has is Faith. She might sound crazy, in others eyes some people believe well she is stupid to keep putting up with the same crap that another man would probably appreciate her better over, but its deeper than that. What most people fail to realize is the strength of the BackPocket Chick & her man's relationship. They have history, they have been through alot, and they might be in love. Its easier said than done just to try to move on. But again she has a strong faith in her relationship with that man that she is not willing to give up easily. She fears the moment she gives up, another woman will pick up where they left off and she was not gonna have that. To her is just NOT FAIR! She worked hard! She doesn't want anyone else, only him.

People have to understand as well the BackPocket Chick is a very smart & classy girl. She is what most men would love to "wife" one day and she is ultimately doing her best to show that man her full potential of lasting stability with her. There is something that he man told her that keeps her holding on. She has strong faith that even though he is confused now, that eventually he will come around and fully be stable with her. That is her #1 desire is a stable, lasting & loving 100% dedicated relationship with him with NO BOUNDARIES. She see the future with him very clear but he doesnt see that same vision right now.The BackPocket Chick has cried many days just wondering why isnt all of her hard work & dedication not being appreciated? Why wont he fully commit himself to her? What does she have to prove to him once and for all that she is "The One".

A little tip for anyone who is currently feeling like a BPC. Its not up to you to continue to convince Mr.Frog that you are "The One". That is his decision. Trust and believe you are doing a great job with him because if you wasn't he wouldn't of kept you around of as long as he did. You must be doing something right for him to continue to be a big part of his life. The problem with Mr.Frog is that he is not ready to be Mr.Prince Charming and kissing him a thousand times is not gonna make him evolve any quicker. Maybe he is the guy you always have dreamt of, the perfect man you have been waiting, your personal fairytale man come true, but unfortunatly you cannot rush your happy ending.

Mr.Frog is content right now being a frog. He doesn't see the value of become a human Prince and living a wonderful life with a great woman. He likes being in his muddy, damp, mucky enviroment and you trying to pursuade him that your grass is greener is evidently not working. What is happening is that you are removing yourself from your nice enviroment, and dealing with his undesirable living conditions in hopes of your patience will lead him to transform into Prince Charming. Its doesnt work that why. Mr.Frog has to turn into Prince Charming himself on his terms. Maybe you walking away from him, leaving his swampy & depressing habitat will show him that maybe where he is at isnt the best place to be. Maybe he will finally realize in your absence that being Mr.Frog sucks and Mr.Prince Charming is the better alternative and lifestyle of stability and happiness. Let him find that out and hopefully when he does turn into Mr.Prince Charming you will be his Princess and come back for you. Lets just hope by then you haven't kissed another frog that has already turned into Prince Charming quicker than he did. :-)

There is a pt.3 and it will be The Man of Ms.BackPocket Chick. Please stayed tuned to learn about him...

Song of the BackPocket Chick: Foolish by Ashanti

Thursday, February 18, 2010


The topic I have been waiting to bring up for a long time! No this is not in a dictionary, but this chick does exist & I will explain who she is!

So what is a back pocket chick? Well first and foremost lets not confuse her with a jump-off, sideline, mistress, etc…she is not in that category. She actually the opposite. If we could come up with a adequate definition of a back pocket chick this is what it would be.

Back Pocket Chick: A woman who is acts and might be interpreted as the girlfriend of a male significant other, but without an actual title of the “girlfriend”. The guy usually treats her as such , doing everything with her but will not fully commit to a stable relationship with her.

She does everything that a normal couple would do such as spend a lot of quality time with her, might be in an exclusive sexual relationship that might be 100% monogamous, friends and family know of her, public displays of affection, and everything else you could think of that would constitutes a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. So what is the problem?

The problem is that the GUY will not fully commit to her. It has nothing to do with he might be cheating on her (or maybe he is) but more to do with the actual concept of a long lasting relationship. That might scare the guy so he doesn’t get too attach with the terms and still has a bit of freedom with the commitment to her.

Here is a theory on why he keeps the back pocket chick around. He pretty much get to have his cake and indulge without even sharing any with the girl. Basically he loves the feeling of a relationship, he might even be in love with the girl very much and enjoy her company, but mentally the stress of the commitment leaves him to not want to make it solid. So he plays a bit.

He doesn’t want to be in a “relationship”, he isn’t ready, he doesn’t know what he wants right now…are all perfect excuses on why he doesn’t commit & keeps the back pocket chick. This works to his advantage because the back pocket chick does everything pretty much for the guy to prove she is “The One” or worthy of being a great girlfriend so its nothing but benefit’s the man will receive But this is also NOT an open relationship. They might have a routine of frequently breaking up and getting back together.

He doesn’t want to lose her or let anyone have her, because psychologically it is a RELATIONSHIP. Whether it’s a title or not it’s a relationship. He gets jealous if his “back pocket chick” has other guys, doesn’t want his chick do things like she is a single woman…pretty much he is selfish with this girl and he wants her all to himself.

The reason why she is a back pocket chick is because he like to pull her back and forth in his life at his leisure. He feels when he is ready to maybe settle down, stop being confused, and take a relationship with a girl seriously that if he realized his best option is his “back pocket chick” he believes she will still be around for him. That is the plan.

The back pocket chick has to wait around until he gets he stuff together and they will live happily ever after. This logic doesn’t sound logical at all does it? Why would a girl do this? Why would she do thing as if they are in a relationship but the man wont commit to her? Why is she being strung along?

Well I am going to write a pt.2 of the mind of a Back Pocket Chick Next…stay tuned.


What is an ego? Its seems to be the cool thing to have now and days. Its a larger than life version of yourself...but in reality an Ego is really a "performer". Are you performing with your Ego?

Definition of an Ego: an exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit.

So we have people like Beyonce & Sasha Fierce who is blowing this "Ego" thing outta propotion. Lots of celebritities are making up these alter egos beside Beyonce, T.I. vs T.I.P, Jennifer Lopez & JLo, Eminem & Slim Shady, Puffy Daddy-P.Diddy-Diddy vs Sean Combs, even Miley Cyrius & Hannah Montana. So why do they do it? Because they are entertainers! They get paid to perform and entertain that is their job. Regular people are not suppose to have these alter ego or super sized Egos, then who are they performing for? The world? For free? For attention?

Yes its all comes down to people use their SUPEREGOS for ATTENTION. Everyone knows a couple people around them with this issues. Its an issues because what the person is trying to portray to the world that their life is so grand, super, great is really something beneath the surface they are trying to hide. So you know this person, he or she might be an extra loud person, always needs to be seen, brags alot, shows off, announces everything they do which is supposed to be recognized as an accomplishment, maybe flashy with cash, always cracking jokes, belittles others know your everyday pseduo-celebrity.Reality Check: It is not a good thing to have a BIG EGO!

With social media sites it make it easier for people to have even LARGER EGOS without even being in the public eye such as Twitter or Facebook where you can update your status constantly for the world to know a person's every thought process. In reality, people with large egos can become ANNOYING! Who are you trying to impress? Yourself or everyone? Are you really as important as you are trying to make yourself out to be?

See back to the issues with the Ego, because the person is trying to hide something. He/She is trying to fool the world that their life is A-Ok, Perfect, Better than everyone else but in reality there is a deeper problem. It could be loneliness, not feeling loved, financial issues, personal self-esteem issues, bored, social issues, etc...They have to put on a "show" because at the end of the day they are not accomplishing what they truly desire in their heart.

Sure they might have an auidence. The crowd is cheering them on, and maybe even have a couple of groupies to support their fan club, but the person with the "Big Ego" is not fulfilled. Do not be fooled. The Ego covers up the REAL YOU. Who are you? You are NOT your Ego! You made that up! You made up a person, exaggerated it and you can forget who you really are. Are you afraid that when you put your Ego away, that people will not like the REAL YOU. Are you boring in real life? Is your life pathetic without your ego in the forefront?

Here is the bottomline. An Ego is not something you need to hold onto. It can be fun for a second, maybe somewhat entertaining but in reality the Ego needs to be checked. Put your Ego in its place and tell it to calm down so that people can appreciate the REAL you instead of the FAKE & FABRICATED version of yourself.

Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce "Ego" video

Learn: There is a difference between being an outgoing, fun to be around person & someone who is having an Ego Trip. Learn to Humble yourself and just be yourself instead of doing thing for attention or what you think the world wants you to be. Work on making yourself better not your Ego better, because you cannot have growth of something that is a figment of your imagination.