Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ok so lets speak some truths. Us as human beings we base things on first impressions. Before you even speak to a person, what do you notice? Its always the PHYSICAL APPERRANCE and this is the main thing that can get people confused what they want in a relationship. Let me explain.

So when one is seeking a mate, its always usually based on attraction. There is nothing wrong with that because again as humans we are programmed sometimes to go off of looks first. And that is fine and everything but then we as people need to not give credit to people when credit is not due. Just because someone "looks good" to you does not mean you give them a pass.
Have you ever held onto someone who you know was treating you wrong, but you didnt want to break up because they were physically attractive to you? You love looking at them, and because "they looked good" you didnt want to break up? How about giving them chance after chance knowing good and well they do not deserve another change. Have you ever asked yourself if this person wasn't so attractive would you keep tolerating their nonsense? Just because theyare cute you are gonna keep letting them get away with murder??!

I think we not only get blinded by love, we get blinded by looks. In my post BUTTERFACE vs. BUTTERHEART was about I shed light on people who may be attactive but doesnt have good heart vs someone who isnt as attractive but with a heart of gold. If you were dating someone slightly not as attractive as you prefer it would be easier for one to dismiss them and not give as many chances, because subconciously you feel they may not be to "your standards" and it would be easier for you to get rid of them.

It would be so much easier if people's physical attraction were based on their heart & sincerity. If a person has a nasty attitude and are selfish & mean, then they should have an unattractive look to match their personality. Same with a person with a sincere heart, sweet, giving nice personality should be attactive people. Unfortunately it doesnt work that way so we have to see past the physical to get to know the real them.

The real them is not their "physical apperance". Just because they look good doesnt mean they are a good person. Again you should not hold onto a person just because you love looking at them and that they are sexy to you. Looks fade after time, so if a person's looks are decieving you then you need to see past that and see the truth.

The truth comes with action. Forget how cute, sexy, attractive a person looks to attention to the actions and how they make you feel. Do you feel good because your with an attractive person or do you feel good because this person shows you genuinely how much they care about you. That is what matters.

The truth is after awhile, a person's attraction based on their actions can lead you to dissatisfaction with them. Do not tell yourself lies that this wonderful looking god/godess is not doing wrong when they clearly are, you need to look past their pretty face. Their looks have nothing to do with them, that is genetics from their parents so credit is not due to them for that. What credit is due is when they are a nice person genuninely and they treat you good. Now if they have a good face with a matching good spirit then you hit the JACKPOT. Other than that, if this attractive person has unattractive might need to re-evaulate some things.

Learn: Looks are decieving. Look at a person's spirit rather than their face to judge their character. Their insides tells more truths than their genetics, so do not let good genes blind you and get you hurt in the long run.

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