Friday, November 20, 2009

How Shallow R U? : Butterface vs Butterheart

People are so need to answer this question to check your shallowness. I know you heard of the term "butterface" : meaning everything looks good "but her face". But what about someone where everything looks good "but her heart"?

Makes you think now huh? Would you rather be with someone who looks good everywhere face, body, the whole package but their heart is messed up or would you rather date someone who isn't as physically atrractive as you would like as far as looks but their heart was on point "butterface"?

I came up with this "butterheart" ordeal last night before I went to sleep. I do not know why "butterface" was in my head --- but something told me to flip it and go what about a person's heart? I think a lot of people (maybe including myself sometimes) we rather date Mr. or Miss Butterheart instead of Mr. or Miss Butterface. Yes the term "butterface" was a funny childhood joke when your young but the "Butterface" person could be the person who would treat you right and have a great relationship with.

I believe Mr. & Miss Butterheart gets too much credit. Yes they are beautiful on the outside, they are so cute, fine or whatever but when it gets down to serious stuff such as a stable relationship, can you trust them, are they a good person on the inside-- they are not very good with that. Mr. & Miss Butterheart knows they are cute, they use people, they are selfish, they could care less about hurting someone else's feelings, all because their looks have been put on a pedastal for so long that they thinkthey can get away with acting this way.

Mr. & Miss Butterface might be the complete opposite. They don't have to be "ugly" but traditionally I guess their looks arent as "striking" or "modelesque"...probably has a normal look to them or maybe slightly unattractive to some but guess what: They have a HUGE heart. These are the people who yes as a society they may not be qualified to enter a beauty pagent or model in magazine...or they probably do not get hit on often but when you get to know them all of that doesnt matter. Their PERSONALITY shines, and their caring & giving heart makes them a BEAUTIFUL person that comes from the inside...not something that was genetically given to them. People would turn down this person for shallow reasons and rather be with Mr. or Miss Butterheart to heart their heart in the long run.

Now I know you probably wanna know which one do I consider myself I a "butterface" or "butterheart". To be honest with you most people based on the looks department and WITHOUT knowing me would probably place me in the "butterheart" category. I am not trying to be concieted but I'm just being honest but I am definitely not a BUTTERHEART. I guess I can relate to Miss Butterface as far as the qualities (but I am not a butterface LOL). But seriously I think I am a person who is considered by most BEAUTIFUL ON THE OUTSIDE but I know I am more than just my outside apperance and I am definitely way more BEAUTIFUL on the inside.

I know that sounds cliche but I am telling the truth. I do not live my life for my looks. I am appreciative that others can compliment me on something that I had no control over (Thanks God) but what I do have control over is my HEART and I am proud of that the most. Some people like to get over on their looks...I dont. I look at it like this...I can lose everything today in a freak accident and my looks can diminish but will I have a UGLY face & and UGLY HEART too? Absolutely not!

Take from this post that yes the human species are pre-wired to look for a potential mate based on looks because genetically we are programmed to do so for reproduction, but try to be attracted to someone heart and not just their face...the FACE fades the Heart doesn't.

Learn: Don't date someone who's heart is melted like butter in the microwave..a Butterheart is useless in the longrun. Review someone's soul & heart for it's good intent because dating for shallow reasons only is going to hurt you in the end...Dont date an ugly heart for the sake of a cute face.

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  1. Amen. It's time people look beyond the physical. There's sooo much more to a person than their appearance.