Thursday, April 29, 2010


Too many of us are seeking validation in other people. This society makes us question our own morals & value and even what we like. Its safe to say that were are easily molded and also easily manipulated because of this as well. Are you easily manipulated?

If you feel the need to always questions your feelings, you always having an internal battle between what you believe is right & what the world think you should do...there is an larger issue. See we go to school and we are taught the basics of life, but we are rarely taught to listen to ourselves. We always need to run to someone for advice, to ask them if what we feel is the right thing to do, and look at our surrounding to see what everyone else is doing and try to follow suit.

The reason why many of us are confused in life is because we are scared of our own thoughts. We are afraid to listen to our own selves because of the PERCEPTION of others. Someone out there always has an opinion of us, and for some reason that is important. We take their opinions into consideration moreso than our own beliefs. It is even worst when we are listening to the people closest to us, because that is who has our best interest at heart (or so it seems).

What we fail to realize is that even the people closest to us cannot validate who we are. Yes they might not want to steer you in the wrong direction but they might. We are easily manipulated by the ones closest to us because they are the ones steady giving us TOXIC ADVICE. Its because we as a people need that extra approval of others, the acceptance & the unity we feel the need to cancel out our own beliefs for theirs. Thats a sad view sometimes, you can still be apart of your unity & be accept and follow your own belief system.

If your friends want to go somewhere do you feel obligated to go just because that what most of them want to do? Do your parents tell you what you should and shouldn't do because they believe they know whats best for you? If there is a new trend and everyone is doing it, do you feel the need to try it out for acceptance? Is there something bothering you that you really want to do but everyone around you is saying things that contradict your feelings?

All of these questions are the reasons people get off track. It is the battle between you and other people's opinion. Deep down you want to do something, but you dont want others to keep telling you the opposite. You do things sometimes even when you dont wanna do it because you dont want to be left out. You listen to others and seek advice about your issues because you need that VALIDATION that what you feel is in alignment with others. It doesnt have to.

We are all programmed with our very own road map that leads us all to our own seperate designation. Our own GPS system that tells us where to go in life. It doesnt match up with other people, its is only programmed to your roadmap and no two people have the same route. So when we feel lost & confused why do we feel the need to ask others for direction to our destination? If you continue to listen to other people you are gonna make wrong turns,detours & dead ends because they have NO IDEA where you are going! They are probably lost themselves and have the nerve to tell you where you need to go. Those people need to worry about their own GPS system and stop giving you the WRONG DIRECTIONS. Your GPS system works...listen to it. Stop turning it off and asking people on the side of the road the direction you need to be headed...thats exactly how you get LOST!

Some people continue to turn their internal GPS system off and listen to so many people that it takes them months & years to figure out they went in the wrong direction and it might be too late to turn around. When you listen to other people and realize that you are complete off the road, you get that confused and hurt feeling of REGRET. That maybe you should of payed attention to your own roadmap instead of asking everyone else where you should go. You have that what if feeling lingering inside yourself wondering what could of happened if you just followed your own Intuition.

Your GPS system is on point. It sometimes malfuntions with your mind, but if you can get your thoughts & your heart/gut together and really listen to yourself, thats when your life will be on the right path. Now there are people in your life who can guide you better, but only if it is validated by your own thoughts. We all get that feeling inside of what is right & whats wrong. If someone says something to you that is in agreement in what you really feel-then keep going. Dont change your mind for someone else, they are not going where you are going!

Do not keep listening to everyone for the answers because in the long run, you will have to live with the REGRET not them. Nobody can feel what you feel, you are wired with your own internal guidance system so they cant tell you what is always right. What is right for you may not be right for them, its your feelings but most importantly YOUR LIFE. Stop conforming for others. Deep down you know where you need to be, so make a U-Turn or the RIGHT turn to get back to your life route.

LEARN: We are all authors of our own stories, so why are we letting other people write our autobiographies? Others people's opinion has nothing to do with your heart. Your heart is your compass, so follow it!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Are you an unloveable person? Is there an IceBox where your heart used to be? When someone loves you do you give them the “cold-shoulder”? Many people are just HARD people to love. No matter what a person does, they cannot receive love that is given to them.

I think our society has screwed our world’s definition of Love. Love is sometimes used as a bad word or only used correctly in certain movies, which can seem fake and “only-in-the-movies” is that gonna happen in our daily lives. Its hard because more and more everyday people feel like the do not know what real love is and what it feels like anymore.

People sometimes can compare love to their first relationship or their first heartbreak. When you first experience what loves feels like from someone other than a family member or friend its so liberating & its almost like the happiest you ever been. You smile more, you are more trusting, you are excited and life seems like it really worth living because you now know what love is and you have it! But this is when love is destroyed, when that energy of love has you in such a high state of happiness & its taken away from you due to a breakup then there is a heartbreak! Sometimes people hearts get broken so badly, they believe its never gonna be the same again and that maybe they do not want to experience love again in FEAR of losing it. So there are people who self-sabotage themselves and make things hard for others to love them.

People get into relationships expecting the worst, or when things get too good they will point out the bad just to justify how things aren’t going to work. People’s expectations are real low when it comes to love so when someone does love them it becomes rejection. So to protect themselves they reject and look for flaws & point out the negative? Or simply they just start thinking “I DON’T TRUST this person to love me properly” because they are premeditating to be disappointed in be loved.

Someone could show them all the love in the world they every wanted or prove to them that someone loves you to the same or higher magnitude than people in the past has, but its still a rejection there. They hold onto past hurt so if a person is giving them too much love or affection it gets cancelled out because they do not want to believe in it. They want something bad to happen so they can point out how love always disappoints them.

It’s a sad way of thinking. We were born to love & experience it. When we first fall in love its like we are born again looking at the world in a different light because it’s the best experience & feeling to ever have. When its taken from us, sometimes we are fearful to experience again so that we do not get teased and lose that feeling again. So instead of accepting & being open to love again, the rejection process takes over so that one doesn’t get their hopes up. Its that pride in some people that getting their hopes up is a bad thing. Read that again “Getting your hopes up”. Why wouldn’t someone what to have their hopes up…so you rather have your hopes down?!

This society molds us into believing we should have lower expectations and have our hopes down. Love is something we should never have lower expectations about and expect our hopes to be down in! We should embrace it and be happy to have it in our lives. If someone is showing us love and affection we should be so appreciative because some people take years to find someone that cares about them at all. We take people for granted; especially the ones that love us the most, because have a reverse way of thinking. We believe the people who do not care about us have our best interest and the ones who love us will hurt & disappoint us.

Open you eyes. Please stop rejecting love if it’s in your life. You were born to love and to experience it. Do not let some bad past experiences disturb your present & future. If you are receiving it look at it as a gift because there are so many people in the world who are no as fortunate to have people who care & love them. If someone loves you love back & be open to receive more love than that. Love is limitless so stop giving it boundaries!

Learn: Learn to love & accept love. Love is beautiful do not believe in the lies that love leads to heartbreak & disappointment. If you accept love in your life and be honest with what you feel then you can open your heart to what is real. You should run to love not run away from it. Give love another chance or you will miss out!