Monday, January 11, 2010


Are you pursuing happiness? If you are searching for happiness that is your problem right there! You are not suppose to search for something that is within you!

People say it all the time "I just wanna be happy" "where can I find real happiness" "I hope I find happiness". The funny thing is that its not too far and away that you can be happy. So ask yourself this question "Why am I not happy"?

Most people response could be
1.Because I am unemployed
2.Because I have financial issues
3.Because I have relationship issues
4.Because I am lonely

and so on and so here is the other problem. If any of those things are making you unhappy what is gonna happen if you do fixes thoses isses? If you get a job is that going to automatically make you "happy"? If you fix your financial issues is that gonna make you "happy"? If you finally have the perfect relationship and have lots of friends and people around you is that gonna fulfill your happiness void?

If you said yes to any of those questions I feel very sorry for you. The reason I say that because those are considered minor issues that if you are not happy before you get those things then how are you gonna be really happy when you do get them. If you get a job that is suppose to boost your happiness. If you have money to pay your bills, that makes you stable and keeps your happiness at bay with less stress. If you have a great relationship it is only gonna work in the first place if you are happy prior to meeting your mate, nobody wants to date someone who is depressed and not happy with themselves. Same with having friends and people around you.

Honestly I think the people who are "pursuing happiness" it probably takes a lot to make them happy. Again the little things does not make them happy but it has to be something BIG to really put a smile on their face, and again that is sad. So many people are so unappreciative of the little things that can make them happy so they are pursuing a BIG BREAK DREAM and so the rest of their life is not as fulfilling because it is not achieved yet.

Here is a secret that I am still learning. Appreciate the small things in life now that make you happy so that when you really get something that makes you happy in a big way you can feel it all around you stronger. You cant take things for granted now, complain about what you dont have because there is so much to be happy about. For example seeing a little kid laugh, watching something that makes you happy/laugh, reading a good book, enjoying beautiful weather, eating your favorite food, etc...That might sound like some lame stuff to say but again you might be one of those people who are HARD to make and keep happy.

Now being stressed out in certain situations can make happiness hard to obtain sometimes, but that doesnt mean it not available. Happiness doesnt mean you get your way all the time and life is perfect and if that is what your looking for, you will be looking for a lifetime disappointed. Happiness is what you make it, so stop being difficult and go have it already! Its right there! Easy access inside of you.

**Oh and you are the only one who can get it for you, it is not someone else responsibility to make YOU happy.***

Video: Mary J Blige- Be Happy

Learn: Happiness is not something you have to "find" its a way of life. Happiness is the easiest thing in life to obtain but don't make it hard to have when it is right under your nose.

Say this: The best things in life are not only free, the best things in life lives inside of me.

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  1. Oh this is sooooooooo true....Thanks for this...I needed a reminder