Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Love is so painful. Well it can be. As beautiful as the emotion of love can be it can cut right through you like a knife. Leaving you breathless, in despair, suffering as if your heart is broken. Life is meaningless and someone that you love so dearly is making your heart ache. Its killing you!!

Love is not meant to kill you! Yes it is the worst emotional pain one can go through because it almost feels like death itself. The person may not have died, but if they are out of your life you mourn them like they are dead. You may feel like everyday you are alive without them that you are slowin dying because they are no longer near you. Why would you wanna live without love? Its like taking candy from a baby...taking love from the lover. But real love is not suppose to make you feel like this. Its suppose to be beautiful, but things doesnt always go according to plan.

You fall in love. You love each other. Everything is all good until someone rejects the processes and sort of ends it without the other one not being ready. Someone hurts the other one, and in most cases with no regaurd on the pain that it will scar them with. Its almost like shooting the person in the heart, to watch them bleed as suffer a little, and them walk away like it never happened. That is how heartbreak feels right? Like the other person has no remorse and they literally have injured you and walked away. Worst feeling in the world.

When you heart is "broken" you feel like it will never be repaired by anyone else but the one who broke it. It is not as simple as supergluing it back together. The bad thing is that most of the time we have to repair our own heart and hope that it will work as good as new, so when love finds us again we are able to remember how good it felt. But sometimes it leave scars and bruises and love is hard to obtain again...

But you are alive. Love has not killed you! Sure it is painful, the recovery process is even more painful. But you cannot die of a brokenheart. Its really interesting that even after someone has injured our heart, left us with our hearts open-wide and bleeding love for them and turn their backs on us, that we will still LOVE them as if they didnt do this to us. The power of love doesnt die! So whether you can move on from the person who initally broke your heart, or maybe somewhere down the line find a way to make it work with that still exsist. It hasnt kill you and it wont kill you!

I wrote this blog because of 3 things that in life we will all learn. We are gonna have to live, to experience love and of course to LEARN by it. When you live, you love, with love you learn. Life is Love, Love is Learning. Get it? Live. Love. Learn.

LEARN: Love isnt something that can end your life. It is painful to say the least but in a twisted way it actually makes you stronger. Once your heart has been injured & then it heals, it you allow it to heal properly love can return in your life in a benefical way. Just make sure who you expose your heart to handles it with care, because love is not suppose to be painful.

Melanie Fiona - It Kills Me


  1. OMG! This is exactly what I am going through right now. and the shit really hurts. This is like my first real heartbreak beacause i wasnt ready for it end but with all the pain i had already been going through i just went ahead and ended it but i still wanted the friendship because that is what i valued more than anything. But now we don't even talk and that hurts me more than anything. And then to feel like it all was a waste and a lie. It hurts even worse when you put your all into it and you dealt with so much and that person treats you as if u are the one who did something wrong and they move on like it was nothing. I apologize for venting on your page but you have inspired me to write so off to my blog i go lol

  2. I love this post! Love can make you want to end your life, but you are still breathing...that gives hope for better...Love makes us feel emotions we are not used to...Love makes us do things we never thought we'd do...But we have to find that love that was meant for US...Love doesnt work without communication and companionship...

  3. i jus want to start by sayin this post really touched me. somthing told me to to read this post and i loved it. i felt this way to day. like i should jus give up kuz love made me feel so helpless and sad. thats a hard feelin to have when somone breaks your heart so bad that all you kan do is jus feel like you did somthing wrong. no matter how much wrong that other person has done. you syill feel helpless and destroyed by love. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. NOW I DONT FEEL SO ALONE. follow my blog(

  4. I am glad my blog touch a couple of you guys.

    When I write my blogs I am not doing it to tell only you how to feel about a certain situation, I am probably going through it myself and giving my ownself advice. This song made me feel a certain way about a certain person and it inspired me to write this blog and put a positive spin on it.

    Love is painful but beautiful.