Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So you have been introduced to Miss BackPocket Chick and know what goes through her mind, but lets not forget about the man in this equation. Mr.BackPocket Chick needs his own introduction and a little of his background to be clarified.

Who is Mr.BackPocket Chick? Well if you don't know Miss BackPocket Chick you might need to read this first to fully get to know this man. In my previous post I used the analogy that Mr.BackPocket Chick is the Frog that hasn't quite turned into Prince Charming yet.

Now since I am a female, I cannot go into the mind of Mr.BackPocket Chick like I did for Miss BackPocket Chick here. What I can do is explain some theories as of why he acts the way he does. The number #1 this Mr.BackPocket Chick is lacking is direction. That is his ultimate downfall. See men are logical creatures, suppose to be, but they do the most illogical things. Maybe he is thinking too much about his situation that causes him to be confused? I couldnt tell you honestly.

See what happens with Mr.BackPocket Chick is that he craves a relationship, he probably would one day love to be in a full committed one, but there is a mental block. It could be a past(or several) relationship that failed him, he doesn't feel his life is in order to properly have a good relationship, or it could be he is just simply still "playing the field". Miss BackPocket Chick can be doing everything right, but again the "what if" factors starts to play and he is most likely pondering how green the grass is over on the other side of the fence.

Another theory that could be making Mr.BackPocket Chick nervous is the fear of committment. That is right. He is just terrified of a real relationship. I honestly believe when men go from dating to actual becoming boyfriend & girlfriend he fears its marriage right around the corner. He sees the phobia of the wedding bells, and kids comes next, and that he might be forced to make a decision to be with this one girl for the rest of his life. So instead of making the relationship solid, he plays because he wants to make sure whoever he gives the title to that it might be "The One" he can call his wife one day. And Miss BackPocket Chick makes him nervous that she is good girl and all but is she The One?

That part is understandable to an extend. He rather be a Frog now, than turn into Prince Charming and Miss BackPocket Chick is the wrong girl he transformed for. But the extents ends here. Mr.BackPocket Chick is also, sadly to say, a selfish person. He wants everything to be perfect, the girl of his dreams to come out of a fairytale, she is flawless, she agrees with everything he says, likes everything he likes, she never nags , and when she wakes up in the morning her hair is in place with no crust in her eyes or morning breath. Yes that his Mr.BackPocket Chick fantasy girl, and sorry to say unless she is Sleeping Beauty that chick doesnt exist.

I say he is selfish because as much a Miss BackPocket Chick puts out for him, he doesn't do the same for her. She is expected to change her ways, while she must adapt to his ways. He has a complex view on life and how it should be for him, and Miss BackPocket Chick is probably asking for too much which aggrevates him sometimes. But let me make this clear...Mr.BackPocket Chick is not the VILLIAN. He is just misunderstood.

Mr.BackPocket Chick is not a bad guy at all. Mr. BackPocket Chick is a very lovable guy at times, otherwise why would Miss BackPocket Chick want a complete jerk? There is gotta be something she adores about him. I am going to tell you want it is. Miss BackPocket Chick adores everything that Mr.BackPocket Chick doesn't even realize. No matter how many times he mad her mad, she understands the good side of him. She sees the strong potential in a future with him, even if he doesn't see that potential in himself yet. Mr. BackPocket Chick might be going through a transistional period in his life right now that cause him to be a bit selfish and maybe not appreciate the good Miss BackPocket Chick puts out, because he is probably still trying to finding himself!
A message to Mr.BackPocket Chick:
Look I know you are confused about life. Its not very clear to you and you are unable to map out your life plan at the moment. You are a man but a man without a masterplan. You do things day by day and not realize your actions are affecting other people especially Miss BackPocket Chick. For everything you think you are going through she is supporting you whether you realize that or not. Whether you feel she is not the one or that you have other options, she has stuck by you and believes & see the potential in you. Its not nice to string her along.

Dont treat her like you wallet that is in your backpocket; you take it in and out of your pocket at your lesiure. She is a human being with strong emotions for you. She is not your sideline, your mistress, your play toy, she is the woman of your affection. You spend time with her, you must enjoy her otherwise she wouldn't be around in the first place. But here is the thing, if you are not ready for a commitment then do not do the things with her as if you are going in that direction. She believes the things you say and hope that one day you are going to coming around.She only wants the best for you and even if you cannot see yourself with her, appreciate what she has done for you. If you do see yourself with her, then do the right things and show her that she is not just a backpocket girl. She should be YOUR GIRL. You can't just have your cake and eat it too. She has her cake and shares it only with you.

You need time. Being the logical complex male creature that you are you need to think about it. What do you want in a woman? Are you looking for stability or are you still searching for more fish in the sea? Do you see yourself with Miss BackPocket Chick but want the freedom of other things until your ready? Know this, you will always get whatever you want when you seek it with a pure heart. Miss BackPocket Chick did everything with a pure heart for you and she deserves better than how you treat her. Everything happens for a reason, and its up to you to make your life solid in all areas in your life.
Your a Frog now, but the Prince Charming is in you. Whenever you are ready to evolve into the man you are suppose to be, you will have so much clarity in your life and everything you feared will all disappear. That is what being a man is about, knowing what you want & facing your fears. So whenever you leave your muddy swamp in search for a Princess, will you know where to look? Will she be easy to find? Will you go searching for a Princess that only appreciates you a Prince Charming and not as the Frog as your are now? Or will it be Miss BackPocket Chick aka Miss Paitently Waiting for you to see what has been in front of you all along? You need to ask yourself these questions. Don't wait too long...time isn't always on your side. Your a good guy, do good things, and do things with a good & pure heart.

LEARN (for both Mr. & Miss BackPocket Chick): Listen to your heart; even though it is on the left side, it is always right. Pay attention and what is meant to be will always find its way.

Song To Mr.BackPocket Chick From Miss BackPocket Chick:
I Am-Mary J.Blige

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  1. lol the man that makes me his back pocket chick or my frog nick named me kiwi from my name kilah