Thursday, February 18, 2010


What is an ego? Its seems to be the cool thing to have now and days. Its a larger than life version of yourself...but in reality an Ego is really a "performer". Are you performing with your Ego?

Definition of an Ego: an exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit.

So we have people like Beyonce & Sasha Fierce who is blowing this "Ego" thing outta propotion. Lots of celebritities are making up these alter egos beside Beyonce, T.I. vs T.I.P, Jennifer Lopez & JLo, Eminem & Slim Shady, Puffy Daddy-P.Diddy-Diddy vs Sean Combs, even Miley Cyrius & Hannah Montana. So why do they do it? Because they are entertainers! They get paid to perform and entertain that is their job. Regular people are not suppose to have these alter ego or super sized Egos, then who are they performing for? The world? For free? For attention?

Yes its all comes down to people use their SUPEREGOS for ATTENTION. Everyone knows a couple people around them with this issues. Its an issues because what the person is trying to portray to the world that their life is so grand, super, great is really something beneath the surface they are trying to hide. So you know this person, he or she might be an extra loud person, always needs to be seen, brags alot, shows off, announces everything they do which is supposed to be recognized as an accomplishment, maybe flashy with cash, always cracking jokes, belittles others know your everyday pseduo-celebrity.Reality Check: It is not a good thing to have a BIG EGO!

With social media sites it make it easier for people to have even LARGER EGOS without even being in the public eye such as Twitter or Facebook where you can update your status constantly for the world to know a person's every thought process. In reality, people with large egos can become ANNOYING! Who are you trying to impress? Yourself or everyone? Are you really as important as you are trying to make yourself out to be?

See back to the issues with the Ego, because the person is trying to hide something. He/She is trying to fool the world that their life is A-Ok, Perfect, Better than everyone else but in reality there is a deeper problem. It could be loneliness, not feeling loved, financial issues, personal self-esteem issues, bored, social issues, etc...They have to put on a "show" because at the end of the day they are not accomplishing what they truly desire in their heart.

Sure they might have an auidence. The crowd is cheering them on, and maybe even have a couple of groupies to support their fan club, but the person with the "Big Ego" is not fulfilled. Do not be fooled. The Ego covers up the REAL YOU. Who are you? You are NOT your Ego! You made that up! You made up a person, exaggerated it and you can forget who you really are. Are you afraid that when you put your Ego away, that people will not like the REAL YOU. Are you boring in real life? Is your life pathetic without your ego in the forefront?

Here is the bottomline. An Ego is not something you need to hold onto. It can be fun for a second, maybe somewhat entertaining but in reality the Ego needs to be checked. Put your Ego in its place and tell it to calm down so that people can appreciate the REAL you instead of the FAKE & FABRICATED version of yourself.

Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce "Ego" video

Learn: There is a difference between being an outgoing, fun to be around person & someone who is having an Ego Trip. Learn to Humble yourself and just be yourself instead of doing thing for attention or what you think the world wants you to be. Work on making yourself better not your Ego better, because you cannot have growth of something that is a figment of your imagination.


  1. I agree, many people have alter ego's that are complete fabrications, and yes social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter allow them to reach an even greater audience and thus their ego becomes even more integrated into their own lives.

    the psychology term that most closey maps onto these people are "narcissists", ppl who have an excessive love of self and are vain.

    However, i would also argue that these ego's may also be a part of your identity. It's like a pie for example cut into slices, a Kiwi pie ;): one slice you are a daughter, another slice you're a friend/lover, another slice you're an employee, and another slice is the "party girl".

    Like DuBois mentioned with double consciousness, multiple identities can be present within us, it just depends on the setting that we then choose which one to accentuate at the time. So the daughter, friend/love, employee, and "party girl" all make up Kiwi. Kiwi just being a daughter isn't all what defines you, you are more than that. Kiwi is a complex being with multiple selves that are orchestrated to form one whole identity (on sum Captain Planet we all got to come together to make Captain Planet appear kinda deal).

    Another thing: if someone pretends and poses so long and does it so well, when and how long till this fabricated identity becomes a real part of their identity??
    I mean, if someone is fabricating being a thug and goes out and does robberies and shoots people. How long does he have to live this lifestyle and when is he finally labeled a real "thug" or "gangster"???..I don't have the answers to these questions, just wanted to leave you with some things to think about

  2. WOW Carlton! I am impressed with your feedback.

    I agree with mostly everything you said. You are right, there are different sectors of each person that different ego personalities might arise for example myself. I am known as "Kiwi" to many people because that is who I am.

    I was not born Kiwi by namesake, but I answer to it just the same because it is me. My real name, KiSheyna who is also myself. What is the difference between Kiwi & KiSheyna? Is Kiwi my alter ego? No. KiSheyna and Kiwi are the same exact person.

    Sure maybe KiSheyna is the name I use more often in a professional setting (Kiwi is not so professional) but in all its still me. You are absolutely right though about where a person can have different sectors such as Kiwi the daughter, Kiwi the college student, Kiwi the employee, Kiwi the friend, Kiwi the girlfriend, Kiwi the mother (one day) but all in all it makes them who they are.

    My blog is specifically talking about people who have an identity crisis and PORTRAY an exaggerated version of themselves for the approval of others. If Carlton is generally a nice guy, a gentleman, and sweetheart most of the time but when he gets around a group of people he turns in ICECOLD CARL and becomes a jerk because thats what a certain group expects of him that is when it becomes an issue.

    If behind closed doors you are one way, but when you step out and you get an "auidence" and you start doing things that deep down isn't really your character then again that is where the problem arises. There are too many performers and like you gave an example of the "thug" if you do try to partake in a role that is not genuninely you, then you will end up in trouble.

    Moral of the story is be YOU!