Monday, September 14, 2009


Ever heard of the saying you dont know what you got until its gone? Ever lost something and didnt think nothing of it until you realized you needed it? Its funny how you start to appreciate things once its missing in your life.

All of us are given things in life. It may not be everything you want, when you want it, how exactly you want it, but you are still given something and its up to you to figure out how to utilize it and KEEP IT. Sometimes we loose the stupidest stuff, things that do not matter or can be replaced.

Somethings are hard to purchase. It might be too expensive or unattainable to retrieve again. Somethings are simply priceless or one-of-a-kind. So if you lose out on something like that maybe its gone FOREVER. So with things that we have, we have to be careful not to do anything to lose it for GOOD.

The littlest things or a slight moment of irresponsiblity or absent-mindeness you can lose. Maybe its burried somewhere, maybe you left it behind somewhere, or maybe it was even stolen. Or maybe you were nice enough to let someone borrow what belonged to you, and somehow you never get it back.

Well here is how things work in life when things are lost. Most things are lost but are not lost forever. Yes as humans we are careless, unappreciateve of what we had that we might of utlize on a daily basis but for the most part belongings can be retrieved.

It may take times, a lot of research, digging, and most importantly DETERMINATION to get what is rightfully yours. Most people in life take the easy way (or so they think) out thought. They believe what they had is lost forever, never gonna get it again, poof in thin air and they GIVE UP and try to REPLACE what was lost instead. Instead of backtracing steps and figuring out where things went missing in the first place, they get a new item.

Sometimes just because its new doesn't make it better. Sometimes if what you lost is worth finding again, its worth saving & getting a replacement & making sure you never lose it again. What if what you lost is actually found?

Would you take better care of it? Would you protect it? Or what if what you lost was never lost in the first place? What if it is nearby and you just keep overlooking it? Sometimes all it takes is for you to concentrate and what you lost will reappear. If you are searching for a missing item in your life just be very careful not to LOSE YOURSELF IN THE PROCESS.

Remember "Sometimes you have to lose things because if its meant for you to have it will come back. If not it was never really yours to begin with."

Learn: People lose things all the time. If your lucky enough to recover it, take better care of it before it gone forever. Somethings are irreplaceable.

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