Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Wouldn't it be great if we could make our own perfect mate. The perfect fairytale, happily ever after relationship? Sorry Disney tales doesn't apply to real life.

Wouldnt it be great if the person that we always wanted appeared before your eyes. That person has the perfect figure, perfect face, perfect personality, almost as if they popped out of your Dreams? Everything you always wanted was right in front of you with NO FLAWS?

I think life was made for us to not have perfect relationship. There has to be some issues or problems in order to learn and grow from them. But I think the bulk of the reasons why alot of people get frustrated in relationships, men & woman, because we expect so much from a person and believe that if this person doesn't have want we want, there is that PERFECT SOMEONE out there.

Unfortunately we do not have the power to CREATE THE PERFECT MATE. Disney is dead and our reality cannot be made into one of our favorite childhood movies. We cannot expect that because our relationship is not as perfect as we alway imagined it to be that its easier to keep thinking "MR. or MS. PERFECT" is out there.

Even if you meet someone and they seem as if everything is great, minimal problems, there will always be a stimpulation somewhere down the line because that is LIFE. You wasn't raised in a perfect family, you dont have perfect friends, and look in the mirror & evalutate yourself that YOU ARE NOT PERFECT either. Everything is a work in progress, and unfortunately in life relationships are the hardest ones that will take a lifetime to master.

We aere not suppose to be in control of our relationships all the way. If we try to manipulate, be someone we are not, put n the fake face, create an illusion of a beautiful fairytale, the end result will turn into a horrible nightmare because WE ARE NOT THE CREATORS OF DESTINY. We are suppose to just follow the path and go in the right direction not try to reconstruct to make our own DESIGNER RELATIONSHIP. YOU WILL FAIL.

Just take the right path, even if the yellow brick road is long, it will be the journey that will take you home for a happy life & lasting relationship. Just dont try to force and recreate it, because the obstacles of reality are better than fake fairytales.

Learn: Walt Disney created the perfect fairytales. We are not the illustrators of our lives or our relationships. Sometimes things have to happen naturally through lessons and patience before we can appreciate our happily ever after.

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