Friday, September 11, 2009


I am a very affectionate person! I guess I kind of grew up on it because my family insisted on being affectionate & I love it. We all do actually.

The best part about most relationshiops whether we think so or not is the "affection" part of it. Seeing someone and something as simple as a hug can make you feel closer to someone. The best part of affection to me is actually kissing someone.

When you kiss someone you can feel the instant chemistry or connection. If you kiss someone and do not feel it then you know there is nothing there. I love kissing (even if it isn't french) just to give that energy to someone lights me up. I like something as simple as holding someone's hand because again, that little gesture you can feel the energy. I love affection most of all because just being the the prescence of someone and their energy(especially if you have a strong connection) makes me feel ALIVE.

I know it seems like this is natural for me to say this because I am a FEMALE but men secretly crave affection as well. Yes men act hard, not the ones to express emotions, but what they do want is the touch of a female. Single or in a relationship men want affection just as much (if not more) than females do.

Iread in a book that men of course show their affection more with the usage of sex. Yes they enjoy cuddling, kissing, holding hands just like we do but they can express their affection better with sex. Now I know every female a man has sex with he doesnt have to have a "connection" with, but that is their way of recieving it. If they are single and they are bouncing from female to female, subconciosly that is their way of getting their affection. A great reason why men cheat is because if the girl they care about does not give them or cant give them the affection that he needs, then thats is why he will seek it in another woman.

Men can be hard, joke with the boys, watch sports, play games, etc...but at the end of the day deep down he wants to be near a gentle woman. Its all about balance. Women are naturally soft, nuturing, caring people in which we do sometimes need a man to embrace their rough side (not abuse though) as a sense of "security" and "masculinity". Men are naturally hard & need to be even out with the prescence of a "feminitiy" and just a touch of a woman can make a man feel complete.

The more affection you get from a person, the closer the bond and the more the connection is established. Sometimes you get around a person and its like a magnetic force and it pulls you closer to them. If you are lacking REAL affection: not just bouncing from person to person (sexually), not just dating for the sake of "dating", or you just do not have that special one near you at the moment---Dont settle for less than you desire just because you don't have it. Get as much as you want, when you want it, from the right person. Everybody doesn't deserve your affection-unless the connection with that person is REAL and cant be ignored.

Learn: Affection is what all of us needs. When we have that incomplete & lonely feeling, its because we desire that human connection touch from a special person. Remember the more positive affection you have with a person--the stronger the bond will be. Its beautiful.


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  3. Yes, I agree with this post. Once you have the affection, and get closer with the person, then intimacy will develop. Then it will be natural between the two partners.