Thursday, September 10, 2009


This is about to get deep. I am about to say somethings directed to men, not anyone in particular, but if anything in this post strike a nerve with you then I am probably talking about YOU!

The shame of a man. Probably started with Adam & Eve when he ate that apple that Eve gave to him. Yes he knew he shouldn't have followed Eve, he know eating that apple was WRONG, buth e did it anyways. Most men today still have alot of "Adam" in them today. They know they should not be doing anything that might be breaking rules, but they do it anyways.

You have a girl. You care about her, you tell her you would not hurt her or lie to her, but yet you do anyways. You live by the rules "What she doesn't know wont hurt her" because you want to have you cake and eat it too. Sure maybe it was a "one time thing" but it led into several other occasions because you didn't get caught the 1st time.

So your lies multiply, because again you haven't got caught and you kind of enjoy having this secret life but deep down inside you know you are doing wrong. When does the shame kick in? Does it even occur to your when you look into her eyes? When she is smiling and laughing with you because she thinks she has someone she can TRUST. She know that most guys are DOGS but gave you the benefit of the doubt that you weren't because every time she questioned you somehow you convinced her that you was being GOOD.

But you aren't as good as you portray are you? While she is not in your presence or talking to you on the phone, somehow the Adam in you tells you to do something outside the relationship because maybe you think your INVINCIBLE. Is that what it is? Your invincible? You will never get caught? You will keep your POKERFACE on and sugarcoat everything you do because you want THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

Does it even occur to you while you are doing your deeds that this would hurt her if she found out? Does she even pop in your mind when you are out doing your thing...does that voice every speak to you and tell you what you are doing is WRONG? How could you lie to her? How could you tell her your doing one thing, but you actually are doing another? How could you have that woman believe the you are faithful and trustworthy, but simultaneously secretly breaking all trust?

Does you head hang low when you are finish "doing you"? This is such a mans world and maybe you feel like you have the right to explore your options while the girl you care about is left in the dark believing everything is almost perfect between you. Women have intuition, and sometimes she questions you, but you reassure her everything is okay and not to worry when she SHOULD. She may not know it, but every twinge of insecurity is for a reason because sometimes things doesn't add up, but because of her TRUST in you she shakes it off.

But are you really that SELFISH? That you will have that poor girl being loyal to you like a DOG who would never bite the hand that feeds her because she would be too scared to lose you, but yet you do it to her. Why couldn't you be LOYAL? Is it the DOG in you that made you cocky enough to believe what is in the dark wont come out in the light? That as long as you keep it to yourself, nothing is wrong? That maybe what you did you can leave in the past, in the back of your mind, and keep going on like you never did it?

But you did! The Damage is done. Its written in history whether you want to continue to keep lying or feel like you can stop and go as you please. You are deceitful and you are joining lots of men who secretly hold that SHAME in their heart like you. So you don't feel as bad because maybe most men you know can relate to you and why you do what you do. BUT what about that VOICE inside of you...the voice that tell you "this is very wrong, your gonna hurt her if she finds out".

But what if the tables turned? What if while you were believing she was LOYAL and that you had nothing to worry about, she was doing DIRTY behind your back? How would you feel? Would you be outraged, hurt, deceived, blind-sighted, shocked, appalled, or pissed? So how could you have those emotions toward her if she did them if you can freely do them and not feel the emotions of what you did to her? Why doesn't that ever cross your mind?

This is not to make you feel guilty, because if you are not doing wrong or never done anything wrong you should have nothing to feel guilty about in the first place. Just remember the same girl you hurt, who trusted you, believed you, adored you, defended you, loyal to you, is the one you CONSTANTLY LIE TO. Adam stop eating tainted apples, because just like Eve opened her eyes and seen the TRUTH, she will too and you will pay the ultimate consequence and it wont be pretty. The damage is already done though...but have you admitted to it or are you still in denial?

Learn: Men stop hurting & breaking these females hearts. All men are not dogs but if you put yourself in that category to lie to the girl you care about then you will be one. The hardest thing for a women to do is to give 100% her trust in a man in a world when most men lie to get what they want. Give her 100% reasons to trust you so that you wont be carry the burden of SHAME in your spirit.

**What she doesn't know will hurt her eventually.


  1. Very deep. Women are so emotional - and some men too. You are absolutely right, though. We should be ecstatic about the wonderful woman we have. I agree.

    I recently was downtown, and a young lady stopped in front of where I was standing. I started casual conversation. I wasn't trying to really talk to her, she wasn't really my feel, but I hollered anyway. I really don't know why - habit.

    Now that's small, but it leaves the opportunity to cheat... I really don't know where I'm going with this, but I agree Shame shame...

  2. Thanks for replying.

    I know its human instinct to be attacted to more than one person, so done shame yourself for being "attracted" to anyone else, but do not persue & continue something that will lead into something else.

    I love your male opinion & insight!

  3. Very well written and insightful post.