Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I got the idea to write this because all of yesterday my mother was playing all the oldies but goodie music. You know the music from like the '50s & '60s and she explained that this is when love was REAL and GENUINE. I think she had a point.

She said this is when people actually dance, slow danced, and you could feel the chemistry instantly. It was romantic and pure, unlike today where the music is too fast to slow dance & not so romantic anymore.

Now being an 80s babies I have no clue what the 50's or 60s were like but I pretty sure it was beautiful. When men actually used to COURT (to try to obtain companionship) a female & swoon her.
  • He would actually call not text her. If she was not home I am pretty sure he would call until he was able to reach her or leave a respectable message to return the call back.
  • He would arrange real dates (not a time where you can "chill") and pick the girl up and drop her home.
  • He would enjoy long walks in the park to get to know the girl on a deeper level and that would be considered romantic.
  • He would write letters or poems expressing his love or his desire to be with the female. If he knew how to sing or play an instrument he would serenade her with a song.
  • He would compliment the lady telling her that she was beautiful(not sexy) and you can see the sincerity in his eyes.
  • When he did express himself to the woman, he would look her deep in her eyes and pour out his soul and say the most beautiful words that maybe in present day times we would only hear in movies.
  • He wouldn't play games or lead the woman on. He would do everything he can to pursue & keep her in fear another man would take his place.
  • He would be the perfect gentleman, care about his appearance, you could take him home to momma, and was responsible & generous.
  • He would make sure he told the world that he loved his woman and no one could break that bond. If anyone had anything bad to say about his woman he would defend and fight for her.
  • He would not rush things, he respected her, took his time so that she didnt feel pressured to do things until the the time was right (it wasnt about just sex and then off to the next).
  • He wouldn't mind going out his way for his woman because she would be worth it and he wanted a future with her.

As my mom played the music I started to realize that maybe in this day in age we do have a disconnect when it comes to relationships. The reason why there we plenty of marriages and less divorces back in those days is because of how they handled their relationships. Everything I listed, I am not saying people do not do this today but it is not very common.

Now and days people are too angry, we all want to rush things, we want things our way, we are all a little too selfish, we focus on only today and not tomorrow, but most importantly we forget to put in that EXTRA EFFORT to obtain and keep the relationship going. People are not into the "romantic" spectrum of a relationship.

We do not express to each other on a regular how much we mean to each other anymore. We take each other for granted because people are like buses "miss one next 15 one is coming" mentality so the risk of losing your loved one is rare because we are always seeking a replacement.

Maybe we do need a little help. We needed to see more of loving relationships in the home. We need to see more examples of relationships lasting instead of hearing divorces & paternity testing on the rise. We do need to take it back to the old school and really FEEL love instead of just CLAIMING love or emotions. We need to reach a little deeper because the good old days are not gone, we just need to practice the art of ROMANCE again.

Learn: Music is not what makes a relationship but the atmosphere can set the mood. Do not forget to keep romance alive and the chemistry strong. Sometimes we have to slow dance to feel real Passion, instead of always speeding up the pace and it disintegrates.

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