Friday, July 10, 2009


Relationships are hard. They are hard because its one of the only things in life no one can teach you. You just have to go through it and stumble in the dark and hope you get it right.

Yes some of us can learn by example, such as our parents. I can say I kinda learned a couple of things from them. I definely know what NOT to do in a relationship. My parents are still together so I always grew up knowing I wanted to be in a stable relationship with someone because I know in my future I want my children to have BOTH of their parents.

My parents are not perfect. They have been together 27 years this year and thats a long time! Yes they are the old married couple that fights, but you know what in the end they find a way to calm down and COMPROMISE.

They learn to work through their differences and just try to level with each other. I dont think people (well at least in my age group) want to level anymore. We get frustrated, we hold grudges, jump to conclusions, dont talk about the issues just hold them in and be angry, and before anyone can come to a resolution its over because NOBODY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT THINGS. EVERYONE STICKS TO THEIR OPINION AND REFUSED TO SEE THE OTHER PERSON SIDE OF VIEW.

Most of the time a relationship comes to an end because someone in the relationship is SELFISH. There is one person doing all of the hard work, holding the glue, while the other person is just never satified. Usually the person who is never satified is the one who breaks up the relationship whether its him/her cheating or they just break it up.

The person who was trying to hold it together never understands what happened. It is human nature to sometimes be selfish but people do not look at the big Picture. A relationship is painful. Especially if you been through bad ones before and you continue to try again, for it to happen again.

Its hard to get attached to someone, move on from your past, and then lose the one you are with.

Sometimes things go really good. And then it comes to a HALT. PAUSE. FREEZE.

People change though. For the better & for the worst. If when you met the person and they were just the twinkle in your eye, always smiling, always thoughtful, always giving---and then time passes by and they get real lazy. THAT LIFE. We live in a selfish world.

Sometimes I wish it didnt have to be that way. I wish people would show their true colors when you meet them. BUT THATS NOT LIFE. People are made to manipulate, decieve you, persuade you all in all to get what they want.

I wouldnt mind that if what they wanted was a STABLE LOVING RELATIONSHIP THAT WAS GOING TO LAST. Manipulate me...Con Me...Persuade believe that what you wanted in the beginning you want in the end too.


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