Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Tia Mowry aka Melanie from "The Game"

So I just posted on my other blog about Derwin Davis from "The Game" and how he is my type of guy-----> Read It HERE. It inspired me to write about a topic that was on the show about "The Good Girl List".

Short synopsis of the episode: Melanie & Derwin break up because he cheated. Derwin starts hanging with his egoticistal myognistic teammate Malik who advised him to only bring girls on the "The Good Girl List" to one of his house parties. Melanie goes on a date with a football player who realizes Melanie is not the typical kind of girl and brushes her off because she is on "The Good Girl List".

So what exactly makes a girl be qualified for the "Good Girl List"
  • Not a gold digger
  • Has goals and aspirations (college, grad school, career oriented)
  • Doesnt seek a potential baby daddy but a potential husband
  • She is humble and not materialistic
  • She dresses classy
  • She tries to take care of herself
  • She seeks a "real relationship" and genuniely wants someone who shares her same values
  • She does things to make her man happy unselfishly
  • She usually comes from a stable background and has a sense of personal stablity
  • She is what men call "wifey material"
So those are some of the qualifications for a woman to be on the "Good Girl List". Now I believe myself that I am on that list. I always have been. I mean yes I had some stupid ways but I never had other motives to get me off the Good Girl List. I try my best not to be like some of these girls, who just give up everything just for their own personal selfish gain.

I am an actual caring person and somethings in life go beyond looks or money. At least in my world. I spoke in my last blog how I wanted a "humble sweetheart" because I believe I am also a humble sweetheart. But that gets taken for granted often.

They say good guys finish last...well good girls also finish last. Its the girl who puts her heart and soul into a relationship who usually gets cheated on and heartbroken. Its the good girl who wants nothing but the best in a relationship or seeks a good man and keep running into the "bad boy types". The good girl is on a constant quest to find Prince charming to only continue to kiss several nasty toads with no lasting results. The Good Girl gets taken for granted because usually the bad guys try to turn a good girl out and end up with messing with a "bad girl" or easy access girl, in which he should of been persuing that in the first place!

The good girl stays optimistic and hopes that her good girl qualities are appreciated by a genuinely good guy. There is so many "bad girls" and "bad guys" in the world that get mixed up with the good people that it can be hard to decipher who is actually a good girl or guy anymore.
I know inside every good person is a potential bad side that people walk on as well. I have had my bad moments so I am not going to write this post like I am an angel, Mother Theresa, Virgin Mary or anything, but I know deep in my soul I am just trying to do the right thing.

I am a good girl living in a bad world sometimes. The sea of good guys is shallowing while I constantly swim around bad boy territory. Hope is not all lost though because as long as there is a God...the good girl might finish last but she will finish and hopefully it will be worth the wait.


  1. Get outta my head!!!!! Soooooo scary!!!! My sis and I had this exaaacccct convo recently. I awlays feel like I'm the "good girl" who can never catch a break and just find Mr.Right. I know i'm not perfect...but i am a pretty good catch! =/

    I'm starting to think none of that list matters anymore though. Cause I have maaaaaaannny friends with baggage, who are gold digging, just tryna be arm candy, hoping their looks can take them places, all while being an uber b!tch...and they get wifed up by some sweetie pie athlete who worships the dround she walks on. *sigh* and here I am getting totally over looked. Makes no sense. Maybe good girls are just too intimidating. Maybe men assume "GG's" come with rules/instructions like a toy in a box? What fun would that be? Or maybe bad girls will be submissive...and thats what they seek??? IDK what it is...but it drives me NUTSSSS!!! You touched on every single point and I agree with you! GREAT post!!!!!

    -Kelly of *AF*

  2. Yeah its not that we get overlooked. We get looked and approached and talked to all the time. But like you said do we come with instructions and the answer is yes. But so do bad girls.

    The problem is that most guys mix the good girl instructions with the bad girl instructions and it just seems like the good girls get played, while the bad girls reap the benefits of what the good girl deserves.

    But...sometimes us good girls girls get it messed up too...we think we are dealing with a Derwin but in reality we were messing with Malik!

  3. I know thats right, I am agreeing with your whole view! Good girls dont get any play, it seems to me not only does hos more respect but they finish first!

    It's so irritating, its like in order to be somebody special in a guy's mind a female gotta give it up early and play dumbazz mind games (excuse my typing).

    What happened to saying what you truly want in a relationship and have standards and self respect?

    I seem to be on this list as well......

  4. sorry to post twice: but

    Guys also dont trust GG, because so many girl claim to be GG, but they are really the opposite. Also guys CLAIM, they want a respectable girl but once they have one in their face: there's always some kind of excuse to not make it happened with the girl!

  5. definitely agree. even coming from me and i have a bf. seems like he sometimes overlooks me and everything i have to offer and gets infatuated with some loud, ghetto, no goals type girl where i start feelin paranoid that he wants her over me and is on the verge of leaving's sad.