Friday, July 3, 2009


Trust. Trust is the major factor in relationship.
It can be especially hard if you had several other relationship and they all lost your trust.
We are forced in the world to make a relationship work or to move on and find another.
Once you find that other person to be a potential mate, the challenge is the trust!

I have only been in two relationships(serious) in mylife. I thought my previous relationship was set in stone. Forever. First love. Bliss. Yeah that lasted for 3 year.
So I was forced to move on and just say whatever to relationships.
When I got into my next relationship our whole dating expierience was a "trust" issue.

Not the cheating issue of trust. Moreso of me falling in love.
I did everything in my power to not speed up the process. I didnt want to make any mistakes.
Most of all I didnt want his charm to decieve me. He was so so charming and I just didnt believe it.

I was just thinking he is only doing this to get what he wants.
He is not this nice. But he was! He was the nicest man I ever met.
He promised me that he would prove to me that he was different than most...and had did.
But it still took me a while because inside I was still skeptical. I have had my heart shattered.
Into 1 million pieces. It was so hard to believe because I was not used to what he was offering me.

My walls was built thick and hard. I had so many restrictions.
I was a big flashy red warning sign to "DO NOT TRESSPASS" right across my heart.
I could not go through the pain again of getting hurt. Many times again, he assured me that he was not going anywhere and wasnt not going to cause me harm.

I finally started to trust...and the charm started to wear off.
Maybe my trust issues took a toll on him, so looking back on it I can say I was maybe too cautious. Maybe my protecting myself I too it alittle to far.

When you build these boundaries and keep thinking that you will not be able to trust someone with the most prize possession that you hold, your heart, you can also get the same response.
The other person could start to not Trust you.

You build brick walls instead of bridges can sometimes be a bad thing.
Yes it is hard to trust people, whether its your family members, friend, or lover.
But when it comes to your heart, stick with your intution. If you want it to work TRUST.
TRUST in everything and have FAITH!

Stop doubting the process, because when you doubt you allow negativity to flood your relationship.

So I have learn through the power of optimism that in order to keep peace in your life you have to stay POSITIVE. TRUST WITH ALL OF YOU MIGHT!
Even if you been hurt more times than you can bear, if you want something, believe in something, and pray for your relationship, everything will fall into place and there will be nothing to worry about.

Stop accusing(**points finger at self**)
Stop wishing the worst.
Stop having all of these restrictons.
Believe the person that you truly care about, let them look you in your eyes, and every word.

Of course people are going to lie.
People are going to be sneaky.
But I believe the more TRUST that is in a relationship the better.

Remember this though:
If trust is broken on numerous occassion and you forgave, but he/she keeps breaking your trust. Leave it alone. Especially if you look the person in the eye and they made a promise to not break your trust any longer, move along.

Again its hard to trust, but to have it broken repeatedly by the same person is bad.




  1. hells yaah.. too many times i had to suffer from another guys mistakes.. i feel i should be trusted until i give a legitimate reason to not be trusted.. a little resistance is kinda sexy tho :)

  2. Kiwi I love this blog and I agree with everything i've read thus far! Cant wait to read more from u :)