Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sometime I will admit. I took certain people for granted. I acted as if thing were all about me and what I want. But the older I get the more I know to try to hold onto the ones I care about.

I sometimes act like a spoiled brat, complain about the littlest things, and yes even did the "nagging". In a relationship it is a compromise...and its about keeping your cool.

Nagging and complaining can cause a slip in your relationship. Especially with men, because most men are laid back and can only take so much. But men dont know what we go through...we do get annoyed over little things. We get alittle paranoid, because in reality, we know in the back of our heads there is a "lil tramp" lurking to try to take our man.

So yes I am learning to be a more peaceful person. To not jump through conclusions, and try to express my feelings in a not-so argumentative way. Its so hard because although I am 23 years old, I still feel like I am dating like an 18 year old(I still dont know better).

But as a woman I see things alot clearer. To hold onto your man and keep him you just have to be reasonable. I realized too men know us women can get a little crazy and they are just waiting for the day we spaze out...

They are also waiting for the day we "dont spaze out" and calm down and then maybe thats is when they will realize they have a winner on their hands. That they have a girl who is easy-going and not the type to get irrational and angry at the first chance they get.

I am getting to that level. Believe it or not dating is not something I am an expert in, especially in when it comes to men and what makes them stray...

But now I know what it takes to hold onto a man and keep him.

Everything is not going always work out, and yes their will be kinks in a relationship...but maintain the balance and just try to keep PEACE and his mind at ease (he should be doing the same).

If you really love him, hold on your man.

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  1. I like this post! *clapping*...It's so hard nowdays to hold onto a good man when you think you've found him. Like you mentioned, it's best to stay reasonable and not overreact irrationally.
    (I'm guilty of that one and still working on it)
    Great read!

    -Nina of *AF* girls