Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Yes I am going to go there. This is me several time in my relationships. I am a very dominate woman. I like to do things when I wanna do it and I know what I want.

This goes beyond what your thinking (sexually) but yes I am talking about in that aspect too. Sometimes I felt like I was the main initator when it came to that...and sometimes I would feel ashamed too that I would be the one to make the first move.

Of course men are always going to be the man initiators when it comes down to the situation. They will bribe & convince you do to it even when you may not be in the mood. It is also very easy to get a guy in the mood to do it, like they are almost always turned on so it is effortless.

But yes I can admit I am like a Tigeress. I will pounce and demand what I want. I would be the initiator. I would be the one making the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd move.

But I am not gonna lie. Sometimes I love playing the submissive role and let him do whatever he wants. Or I will play the hard to get role and act like I dont want it and make him chase me for it (I do that alot too I love bulding up anticipation). <---But no means no(well sometimes)! Some people dont know what no means and its called "rape".

But overall I like having my way :::wink wink::: sometimes I dont get it because I can get kind of "spoiled" but hey I know how to spoil in return.

And for the record I am only an Alpha Female with my MAN! Seriously...I am not going to boost just any guys ego thinking that I want him and Imma be all over him. Ha! 9 times outta 10 he is gonna have to work to get what he wants, if he even get its.

Only the select few(and i mean very FEW) how my Alpha female instincts are.

The rest of these men can just sit back and only imagine...must be a great fantasty!


  1. I can come of strong, But i want the man to be stronger. If a guy just chills and wants me to do the chasing, I just move on, and let him be on his own.

  2. I don't think a woman has to be weak in order for her to have a strong man...I think a woman should be assertive and confident in every aspect of the relationship including sex. A real man can handle that and if he can't then he isn't the type of man you need as a backbone in ur life....loves it!