Thursday, July 2, 2009


First posting for my personal blog.

This is a blog is in constrast to my first blog @

I got the idea to create this blog from the famous words that people overuse of LIVE.LOVE.LAUGH. Yes I love that quote to death, i definetly love laughing...but I need to LEARN.

Living was a given. We were all born to live this so-called "life". We were also put here to love and to find love. But the most important lesson of it all is to LEARN.

So this blog will be my learning lessons of living & loving.

It can be very hard and stressful. Sometimes I do feel alone with my feelings because it seems like everyone has their own problems to attend expressing myself is hard.

I am not the type to give up because life is hard. Yes I may get pissed, worried, sad...but I always keep it moving. God is my ultimate streghten to get me to this follow me while I fall and get bruised up some, and let the healing process began.

By Kiwi

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