Sunday, July 26, 2009


I dont know if it is because it is summertime or what, but there are alot of "dehydrated chicks" outside.

Thirsty...begging men to get them a drink.

Its patethic. Seriously.

Its like thoses girls you see in the club pushing up on guys because they want a drink from the bar. Shoot me & my girls know now that we can buy our own drinks when we walk through the door(I dont need a man to get me drunk but if he is offering I wont turn it down). Anyways...

I know it seems like there is a recession for men, but does that men you gotta go through leaps and bounds just to gets one's attention? Do you have to make yourself known to a man or several men that you are AVAILABLE?

Damn I hate being single, but I will never give a man the justification that I am "thirsty" for his attention. Some girls are so thirsty they will do almost anything to quench their thirst only to get drowned in a pool of DESPERATION.

What they need to do to get hydrated is to take a dive in a big pool of SELF-ESTEEM. Yes self-esteem is what these "thirsty girls" need, and if you forgot how to swim in that I can offer some tips.

  • Take a look in the mirror and appreciate yourself.

  • Less is More. Less Aggression...More Modesty

  • Tell yourself no man is worth you looking like an abandon wet puppy dog that has a big FOR SALE sign around the corner.

  • Stop trying to upstage the next girl, worry about yourself-everything doesnt have to be a competition

Learning from hanging around a bunch of guys all my life I know for a fact men do not like Thirsty Girls. Yes they will entertain them for a while, because it gives them a little Ego boost but in the long run its ANNOYING AND PATHETIC.

That girl will be used to only boost his Ego and can never take her seriously because its like she is a trained puppy dog waiting for master to give her a doggie treat for her talent. But once the lil puppy dog recieved a little Scooby snack it realized that it is also thirsty...and begs her Master to fill her doggie bowl with water...only to be ignored and once again DEHYDRATED.

Is that too deep or do I need to break it down in slow people's terms?


If you gotta convince him, or keep doing things to hopefully make him pay you any mind...YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH.

I dont jump through hoops unless of course he is MY MAN. If we are in a "relationship" and we are monogamous with each other yes I will do what I gotta do because he is MINE. But if he is not mine, then doing the Most just to get a drop of water and not a full glass is STUPID.

I understand you want to convince a guy that you like him, you want him, and you want a commitment or something, but you will only be used in the long run or ignore if you keep BEGGING FOR SOMETHING TO DRINK.

A man if he wants you will offer to not only get you a drink, but fill your glass until it overpours because he want to makes sure YOUR NEVER THIRSTY.

LEARN: To realize you do not need a man to fill your glass with water. It should already be half-full before anything serious arises. If it is empty, its up to you to fill you glass to the middle and then you wont be so dehydrated when persuing a mate. You will already be HALF-FULL, not thirsty begging a man to replenish you.

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