Friday, August 7, 2009

Superficial Vs. Real

This is a very serious subject because I think people are getting twisted what is superfical and what is real.

Superfical are things that are fabricated, temporary, artificial, counterfeit, imitation, sugar-coated...AKA FAKE!

Here are is the definition of the term superficial: being or affecting or concerned with a surface; not deep or penetrating emotionally or intellectually

I think alot of us do things for superfical reasons. Yes you buy expensive things because it make you feel good and others envy you. But deep down inside does the material possession it make you who you are?

People go around have have wreckless sex because it feels good. But afterwards are you sincerly emotionally invested in that person?

We do things again for instant gratification! Half of the things we do are for temporary relief. No lasting results...It makes you happy now, bores you later.

Here is a superfical materialistic example: Soujah Boy getting a diamond encrusted lamborgini chain that has a match remoting controller to turn it into a remote controlled battery operated-chain. WTF?

T-Pain's BIG ASS CHAIN! So what is their point? There is no real point, just to carelessly flash money and throw it in people's faces. I guess they want that powerfully feeling for other's to ENVY them. I guess...

Superfical feelings: You date people for the sake of not being lonely. You date someone for the sake they have a nice car. You date a girl because she has a big butt. Thye sexually turn you on. They freely spend money on you. You get high off of the attention from others. Superfical Bullish!

People do alot of superfical things for selfish reason. Tell people nonsense to get their way. Boost someone's ego. Do things to boost their own ego. Its so dumb because its an empty escape. Because when you all alone in a room with no one watching you, no one to keep you company do you think about what truely matters in life? Are you in-tune with your feelings?

When you buy something, is it something you needed. Is it something that has a meaning to it? Is it something you will use for years to come? Did you save money for it and appeciate the purchase?

When you connect with people do you have real emotions for this person? It is a happy feeling?Does this person benefit you in a good way? If you date someone do you feel real sparks beside sexual intent? Is it a true connection?

I hate superficial things. I hate superfical people. Sure I know I fall victim of the superfical things in life...but lately I see myself gravating and focusing on whats real. If it is superficial I do not waste too much time with it. It will entertain me for a second and I will let it go. I dont invest my feeling of money into it unless in the long run it is going to do some good. Why is that so hard for people to see?

Learn: To regonize when you are drinking concentrated juice instead of 100% real fruit juice. When it is watered down you wont be about to taste the real thing.


  1. Excellent essay. Many of your points are
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  2. See I commented on this post. But my laptop messed up in the past. But I think this is your best post to date. I just love how you distinguish both of the words.

    Everything you are saying is SO TRUE, especially in today's society.

    I'm guilty of being superficial but I'm trying to change that around.

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