Thursday, August 13, 2009


"So what I tend to do is to think of today as the past,It's funny when you comin' in first but you hope that you last,You just hope that it last..." - Lust for Life by Drake

Lust. Wouldn't it be nice to lust for life?

As defined it is have a craving, appetite, or great desire for; mostly sexual desire

I love being in lust. Its a crazy feeling. We all lust, it all starts at a young age and you "crush" on somebody. Wanting someone, daydreaming of the day you and that person will get together...if you ever get together...

Crushes are cute. But they suck. Most of the time you have a crush as a child/teen you never really talk to that person, alot of blushing, alot of games, alot of silence, most of all alot of fantasy.
Most crushes dreams never get fulfilled so when you become an adult you upgrade to Lust.

Adults can lust over crushing because their tends to be alot more action. You can playful flirt, tease, or actual get to it [whatever that means to you ::wink::]. Another thing about lust is that the emotions that are involved in it.

When you mutually lust for a person there are so many emotions. It the moment it could be heighten attraction & alot of sexual tension. The feeling is great. You feel special. You feel like your on cloud 9 because two parties engage in a series of lustful events.

The way the person looks at you. The way the person talks to you. The way the person touches you. The way the person just is...can drive you crazy! But there is a bad part. Lust can be get that heightened attraction and then after the lustful episodes are over...their could be stagnant emotions as well. Confusion...

Yeah its fun to lust for awhile...but sometimes lust is unfulfilling. Your fufilling a temporary release. That is why Love will always be more powerful than lust. Yes love is more painful than lust, but the sensations are stronger. You can lust more than one person at a time, where love is just for one special person and no one can come close to that.

I see why so many people rather lust than love though. Its less drama and feelings do not get damaged as bad. You can almost just move on and lust for your next victim. But again...that just fills a temporary feeling. Lust is actually superfical [Read my superfical post here]. Superfical is not just scratches the surface.

Lust is fun but love is fulfilling. I rather Love for life (if that is possible).

Learn: Why lust for life when you can love beyond an eternity? Lust doesn't last...but love can.

Lust for Life- Drake

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