Friday, August 14, 2009


Relationship envy. Its where there is someone who is jealous of another person's relationship.

I have been a victim of someone relationship envying me on several occassions. Thats is my most of the time I am private of my "relationship/love" life. Because once too many people know your buisness...someone out there is expecting your relationship to fail.

People listen to too many people. Too many people been hurt thus alot of "relationship-haters". I can't say I haven't been jealous of a couple of people or so because I have...especially if I am single, but I dont have "envy". I never wish for a happy couple to break up.

If I see someone talk about their love life and they sound like they are truly happy...I am happy for them. Sincerely. Because I would want someone to be happy for me.

But that is not the case. I never brag about my relationship life ever. I mean some people thought some way of one of my longest relationships of 3 years because of how long we were together...but ultimately we broke up because he listened to people who had "relationship envy".

"Why are you still with her"? "Have you cheated on her yet"? "When in the hell are you gonna get married"? "how can you be with the same person for that long"? All of that and if you hear too much of that on a regular basis, all of the negative nonsense it will take a toll on your relationship if you let it.

I have had it with my friends too with me. "Oh you still with him"? "Oh I guess you can't go out because you boo'd up with such and such"... "I dont want to hear about [person name]" "OMG you guys make me sick" "He is probably cheating on you." "I really dont care for him" all of that...and more!

After awhile I just tune people out. Talk Talk Talk about my love life all day. You dont know what we go though. You dont know our real happy moments. Hell you dont know our real issues and if we do have issues then that is for us to resolve them.

I dont even like getting advice from people sometimes because people always think the best advice is "Why dont you leave such and such alone" "Men are dogs...blah blah blah". I on the hand just keep it moving.

I didnt realize how private I was with my life until like 2 of my friends as of this week just asked me about something and they was like "Forreal? I didnt not know that!" Dang people are so late, but I kind of like that. I feel how Beyonce feels about Jay-Z now. Nobody knows my issues so whether they are resolved or not, people still do not know.

People should envy...and I am about to get deeper than this. The lesson is not complete yet.

Pt.2 coming "real" soon


  1. yea girl i hate relationship jealousy!
    its like cant u just be happy for one another!

  2. AMEN!

    »f o l l o w . m e | v i s i t . m e;*

  3. OMG!!! I freaking love your blog!

    You need to post more often. I just love how you are so real with everything you come out with. And on top of that it's like your giving out advice on the side. I'm promoting your website girl!