Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This picture psyched my mind!

I figured out the problem that most people are lacking. There is a lack of "Faith" in people.

We live in the "Now Society" where everything is suppose to happen right here...right now.

For all of you Twitter gotta update your status like every 2mins because you gotta let someone know what you are doing every second of the day whether someone cares or not. We live in the crazy world of technology where if you want something u can damn near get it instantly online or at least order it instantly.

Everything is suppose to be in our grasp and we almost feel like nothing is worth the wait anymore. We are too IMPATIENT!

I admit I have been struggling with patience my whole life! I feel like I cant wait around for something no matter how benefical or it might be. I want something and I want it NOW!

So it gets to the point where we have to wait around for something good to happen we lose "faith" in things. We lose "faith" because "seeing is believing" and if we are not seeing instant result we give up!

We get mad, frustrated, angry because we can wait around for the good to happen. We start feeding into the negativity around us why we are waiting for whatever it is we are seeking...Or the opposite.

Some people not only are impatient but are LAZY. Faith is not going to manifest on laziness. If you want something keep the positive vibrant in your life...dont just sit and wait and do NOTHING!

Faith is based on the principle of positive affirmations. Faith is based on the value that what you want will come true as long as you do the right things to get it and patient enough to recieve it.

I have learned that is what Life is about. FAITH.

You lose faith, you lose out on what could of been. If it is something worth having faith in and you truely believe in you heart it is what you want it will MANIFEST.

But you can mess it up by doing bad things. You can expect what you want to manifest and last if you are doing things for selfish reason and getting what you want in the wrong manner. Yes you might get what you want, but who is to say it will last?

LEARN: To have faith in what you truly want in your heart, have positive and pure intentions, and your wish will be granted only with PATIENCE.

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