Monday, July 13, 2009


What a classic beauty.

Ok So This is how it is...seriously. I literally have been playing Aaliyah's I Dont Wanna for like a week straight. Its the type of song that all of the lyrics takes the words outta my mouth and speaks for me. Thank You Aaliyah for creating and singing a songs I can perfectly relate to.

If I had my way I wouldnt wanna do alot of things such as...

I really dont without you.
I really dont wanna have to act like I am "cool" with this situation.
I really dont wanna fight anymore-or be distant.
I dont wanna speak of the negative past.
I dont wanna complain.
I dont wanna accuse.

I dont wanna not be able to speak to you anymore.
I dont wanna be non-exisistent in your life.
I dont wanna fake the funk anymore...
I dont wanna give what belongs to you away
I dont wanna lie to myself and act like I dont love you.

I dont wanna keep praying for us and still not see any results.
I dont wanna remember all of the sweet things that made me fall in love.
I dont wanna keep looking at pictures to remind myself of the good times.
I dont wanna start all over again, I found what I was missing in my life.
I dont wanna not be able to share my good news with you.
I dont wanna dream of you and wake up and your not here.
I dont wanna distract myself to get you outta my head.

I dont wanna remember how beautiful your smile was.
I dont wanna reminence on how you made me laugh.
I dont wanna flashback to the day we meet.
I dont wanna keep missing you.

I dont wanna keep wondering what if...
I dont wanna remember how you gave me butterflies when we kiss.
I dont wanna hurt anymore because I miss the sound of your voice.
I dont wanna give anyone my time if it can be given to you.
I dont wanna make further plan without you being apart of them.
I dont wanna think of a future without you in them.


"It wasnt suppose to be this way, where did we go wrong, we both make mistakes, gotta carry on..." - I Dont Wanna by Aaliyah


  1. LOL. You really do love that song huh? LOL. I'm pulling it up on Youtube now to take a listen.

  2. Those aren't the lyrics...

    LOL but yes I do love the song! I think I am going to change it to my profile song

  3. awww nice song. for some reason I dont think ive heard it

  4. ^ OMG Bombcell I am gonna need you to get on it! Its a beautiful song...okay I am motivated it is going to be my main song...

  5. i like this song!!!!

    kiyyah of *AF*