Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Every bad girl was initial a good girl. So what exactly makes a girl girl go bad? Bad people and situations of course!

Most girls grow up like sugar & spice & everything nice. We are precious and sweet and so innocent & angelic. We are suppose to be "pure" and pretty much almost as untouchable as the Virgin Mary herself. We grow up playing with Barbie dolls & dressing up to one day to grow up to be beautiful woman...hopefully Beautiful "Good" Women. But as well get older things can take a left if lead in the wrong path.

So we grow up into adolescence some of the females are still pure and innoncent-like and good girls. We get a little older and might be exposed to bad people or bad situation that might taint the good girl's image. They might try to be a good girl, but then someone show her some "bad" things. Someone might break this "good girl" heart. Someone screwed this good girl too many times!!!! The Good girl also starts to finish last and might want to reconsider being on the "Good Girl List" . Then she goes HARD!
The once sweet, nice, good girl turn bad because someone didnt respect her as a "good girl". The Good girl got ran over and misused. The good girl was ignored while all the BAD GIRL reaped the benefits of what the good girls lacks. She doesn't pain easily, she has a hard exterior and has an attitude that you can't touch her because SHE is in CONTROL! She is tired of playing "nice" and lives life under different rules & standards because she gets a different kind of respect. Rihanna is of course a great example of this no need to go into details...

But when a good girl is gone is she gone forever? Possibly...possibly not. Most good girl do tread bad girl terroritory because they want to feel what it is like on the other side. Is she respected more? Is she more dominate? Is she getting everything she wants? Yes maybe temporarily...

Yes I am not gonna lie, I have a bad girl side sometimes. But I am FOREVER a good girl. Not because I want to portray and sweet and innocent image, but because in my opinion the good girl will finish and the bad girl will not. yes even if we finish LAST we will finish, while the BAD girl will always struggle for temporarily happiness instead of lasting happiness. She will settle for what she think she is in control of...but in reality things are controlling her for self descruction. You can only be "bad" for so long and then of course BAD things are gonna start happening. That is to be expected...just as if you are a good girl, GOOD things will happen.

So yes good girls can be bad, but play it as a role not a solution. It shouldn't be her entire being because in the long-run it really isnt cute. I think guys prefer to wife a good woman than a bad one. They are more trustworthy.

Learn: Good girls have more of a value than a bad girl will ever have. But good girls can be bad sometimes, just as long as it is for a short-term. Good girls will always finish, even if it is last!

Rihanna feat.Jeezy - "Hard"

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